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What is Core Web Vitals, the role of Web Core Vitals in SEO?

In recent times, Core Web Vitals are a hot topic in the SEO community. SEO involves making certain changes to your website by suggesting website design ideas and improving quality content. By doing so, you can able to make your website the top result on the search engine results page. 

What is Core Web Vitals, the role of Web Core Vitals in SEO

What is Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals are a set of specific factors that influence your search engine result page considered by Google in a webpage’s overall user experience. Core Web Vitals are becoming ranking signals for search results and confirmed by Google. This also combines with existing UX-related signals. Google starts to pay a lot of attention to the on-page experience, while others still spend a lot of time mainly focussing on keyword optimization, backlinks, and mobile experience. 

The role of Web Core Vitals in SEO -

The website’s page loading speed, visual stability, and responsiveness are also taken into account by these signals. The user experience is determined by Google based on the following factors that determine the SEO, 

  1. Mobile friendly – The page is optimized for mobile browsing
  2. Offers HTTPS – Serving the pages in HTTPS
  3. Offers safe browsing – The page doesn’t contain any malicious software or misleading content
  4. No intrusive interstitials – The page doesn’t contain any issues that cover the primary content
  5. Core Web Vitals – The page loads quickly and it focuses mainly on elements of visual stability and interactivity.

Core Web Vitals is the fifth factor added by Google to gauge the user experience. Together all these will become a part of a group of signals. Google uses to grade the page experience using these factors.

Core Web Vitals Metrics -

The metrics for the Core Web Vitals are,

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP is all about the time taken to load a page from the point of view of an actual user. In other words, it measures the time from clicking on the link to seeing the majority of the content on-screen. It may be a block of text or content or an image. Your website should display the content in 2.5 seconds or faster for higher rankings.

2. First Input Delay (FID)

FID is the time taken for the site to react to the first interaction. It is the responsiveness of the webpage and it measures the time between the first interaction of a user with the page and the response given by the website to the interactionAn ideal FID measurement for a page to become interactive is less than 100 ms.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

CLS is about the visual stability of the website. It measures how elements move around on the screen while it is loading or how stable the page layout is. The size of the content and the distance it moves are also taken into account. An ideal CLS measurement for the website is less than 0.1

Core Web Vitals helps to make a better user experience and also they become a ranking factor for Google search. 



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