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PCNOK - Patient Care Network Complete Overview, How it Works?

    PCNOK is one of the largest state networks of primary care providers which is the collaboration of around 19 Oklahoma Community Health Centers. PCNOK is the network that was founded back in the year 2014. The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma was opened with the goal of improving collaborations. It is a clinically integrated network that is working to bring health care reform like unique ideas and innovations, healthier individuals, and high-quality treatment. This organization also encourages various sorts of mutual contracting interests like purchasing members' interests. Here is something brief that you need to know about the terms PCNOK.

    What is the Full Form for the Term PCNOK?

    PCNOK stands for Patient Care Network of Oklahoma which is the network that makes everything possible for you. For instance, PCNOK makes data analytics programs, intervention techniques, and care coordination information available to every person. Here are some special points that you need to know about PCNOK.

    Patient Care Network Firm


    PCNOK enhance care delivery innovation where some innovations that can be improved are the integration of mental health, care teams, telehealth and everything. PCNOK members collaborate to advance innovations.


    PCNOK servers around 77 Oklahoma countries. Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is an organization that is the comprehensive care paradigm which is something that can easily include all stages of life from prenatal care to geriatric care.


    Leadership is an impact that can easily make out use of community collaborations, social determinants of health, and others. PCNOK has a statewide impact using community partnership, integration theories, and the inclusion of social determinants of health to assist an individual in achieving greater health and wellness.

    Access for Everyone

    Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) accept self-pay, Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance patients. Moreover, there is a discount for cash pay patients under 200% of poverty based on proof of income and eligibility.

    An Array of Prevention and Primary Care

    PCNOK grants clinical, dental, vision, and scholarly wellness notwithstanding symptomatic testing, drug store, and nutrients concerning based on the situation. PCNOK is one of the greatest consideration sellers in Oklahoma.

    Thorough Medical Search

    Whether the people reside in a big or rural area, PCNOK is one of the best choices for a thorough clinical investigation. A patient care network is known as a primary medical care network which is built entirely around emergency clinics and facilities. PCNOK also accepts all forms of medical insurance like Medicare, Medicaid, and private protections.

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    PCNOK Mission

    Its mission is to offer coordinated, quality patient care via the use of information technology and shared resources. PCNOK has a huge network that works together to enhance the quality of patient care by sharing best practices, collaborating on research projects, and also by offering training for providers. The membership of PCNOK also allows for the sharing of resources and expertise. Its members can collaborate on studies that seek to enhance the quality of patient care. In addition, hospital members can also collaborate with other hospitals to offer patients with better access to care.

    This kind of collaboration allows for better coordination of services and improved patient outcomes. The team member also offers training which helps to ensure that patients receive the same level of service from their doctor regardless of where they live in Oklahoma. The member of PCNOK was able to enhance the quality of patient care via Oklahoma.

    There is various kind of tools that were incorporated into the PCNOK system to help physicians better coordinate care for their patients. Some of the tools of the PCNOK system are electronic medical records, shared office spaces, telemedicine and e-prescribing. With the help of tools in the PCNOK system, physicians can enhance the flow of information between providers. By this, they can make it easier for patients to receive the best possible care.

    How do PCNOK Works?

    Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) offers access to quality health care. This helps the doctors to see more patients and helps to down the cost for patients. By using PCNOK, Physicians can save time by accessing comprehensive patient details in one place. This means they can manage their patient information easily which allows the doctors to spend more time with each patient. It also enhances the attention to offering the best possible care.

    Apart from doctors, patients also get benefits by getting access to more doctors and better care. With the help of PCNOK, people can find a doctor who is right for them and avoid long wait times. Moreover, patients can be sure that all their medical expenses are being taken care of while they are unable to visit a physician.

    Benefits of Using PCNOK

    The patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is one of the greatest resources for patients who are looking for information on a variety of health-related topics. There are many benefits to using PCNOK such as:

    Easily find Healthcare Providers

    PCNOK offers a searchable database of healthcare providers across Oklahoma. With the help of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK), Patients can narrow their search by speciality, location or service type.

    Can Check Your Loved One Health

    Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) offers easy access to health information for patients and their families. You can get information such as medical records, test results and more.

    Can Gain Knowledge about Health Resources

    By using PCNOK systems you can learn more about health resources in your community. This is because it offers access to education and resources on topics like exercise and healthy eating.


    Where is the headquarters of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK)?

    The headquarters of PCNOK is located at 3000 United Founders Blvd Oklahoma City, OK, 73112-3958 United States.

    What is PCNOK, LLC’s industry?

    Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is the industry of Offices for Physicians.

    What kind of health insurance does PCNOK accept?

    PCNOK accepts different kinds of health insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and self-pay patients.

    How many employees PCNOK has?

    PCNOK has a total of 107 employees where 87 are full-time employees and 24 are part-time employees.

    Final words

    PCNOK offers a comprehensive patient care network that is tailored to meet the patient's requirements. PCNOK upholds mutual contracting interest for its participation.

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