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Save From Net Video Downloader, Download Youtube, Instagram, Facebook Videos in One Click

    You'll often have to visit places with weak or no internet connection. At such sites, you can feel lost and get bored very quickly. If you are in the city, keeping yourself entertained is easy, just connect to the internet, and start watching videos or listening to music on online platforms. But it gets tricky once you are disconnected from the networks.

    There you wish to have offline saved or downloaded audio and music files. But all significant platforms restrict downloading their content directly. So what to do when you have to visit someplace where you'll have no internet connectivity, and you want to keep yourself entertained. The answer is simple, have necessary media files downloaded to your device and carry them with you wherever you go.

    There are multiple media downloaders on the internet, but none is as good as Save From Net. In this post, you’ll get to know everything about Save From Net and how to use it to your benefit.

    What is Save From Net?

    Save From Net is a minimalistic web service offered by some individuals who understand the pain of getting bored without internet connectivity. This tool helps you to download and save videos or audio files from multiple leading platforms so that you can go through them whenever you desire. Using Save From Net is really easy, and that has made it the leading downloader for all kinds of videos.

    Save From Net

    By now, you'd have a question in mind, from which platforms can you download and save files. Don't worry, the next section is just about that.

    Which Platforms does it support?

    Save From Net is a workaround for downloading videos from major social media and media sharing platforms. Because of this reason, it supports multiple platforms, as listed below.

    • YouTube
    • DailyMotion
    • Vimeo
    • FaceBook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • TikTok
    • SoundCloud
    • Openload Movies

    There are some other smaller platforms too that are supported by this media downloader, but these are all that you’ll ever need.

    Coming to an important question, the service supports so many platforms to download from, but how do you download and enjoy videos offline.

    How To Download From Save From Net?

    There are two ways to download the videos from the Save From Net service. Here you'll get to know about both of them.

    Download Using Save From Net Website

    The first way to download media files is using the Save From Net website. Below are the steps for this.

    • Open any browser of your choice and search for the video that you want to download from your preferred platform.
    • Once you've found the video, go to the browser's URL address bar and copy the whole URL.
    • After you’ve copied the URL, open Save From Net’s website in another browser tab.
    • Once the website loads, it will show an input area for pasting the link. Paste your video’s copied link there.
    • After pasting the link, click on the download button beside the input area.
    • Once you’ve done this, the service will process the URL and provide you with multiple resolution options to choose from.
    • To end the downloading process, just select the resolution and click the download button beside it.

    Download Using Save From Net Extension

    If the above process looks lengthy to you, here is another simple method to get your favorite videos on your device.

    • First of all, go to the Save From Net website and downlvoad their helper extension.
    • Once you’ve downloaded the extension, just visit the media file that you want.
    • After reaching the platform, this newly installed helper extension will identify the platform and automatically provide you with a download button.
    • The download button will be visible if the platform is supported by Save From Net.
    • Once the download button is available, just click on that and enjoy the videos offline.

    Now moving to the type of content you can save offline using this outstanding downloading service.

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    Above, you got a general idea about how to download videos using this service. Now, it is time to get into some specialization and check out how you can download media files from the two leading platforms.

    How To Download Videos From Instagram?

    Instagram is a leading social media platform that has been making new market highs. It has innovative features like reels, videos, and other stuff that have hooked people to the platform. The number of user-generated content on the platform is really high, and there are many valuable things. Instagram does not allow users to download media directly, but Save From Net helps you. Below are the ways using which you can download and save Instagram media files.

    Using Website

    • First off, open the Instagram website, and find the video you want to download.
    • After you've done this, please copy the link from the URL address bar and paste it in the input box of Save From Net.
    • In the end, click on download, and you'll find all the options for your video.
    • There's another way of downloading media from Instagram.
    • Once you've opened the URL, at the beginning of the URL, attach, and all the download options will be catered to you.

    Using Android Application

    • The brains behind Save From Net have developed an android application from software application development company to ease down the process.
    • Download the Save From Net application from Google play store on any android mobile.
    • Once downloaded, open the application and paste the file link that you want to download.
    • After pasting, click on the download button, and the media file will be stored locally on your device.
    • Now you can watch favorite videos whenever you want without worrying about network connections.

    Moving to the next essential media sharing platform-facebook. Let's explore how Save From Net can help you.

    How To Download Media From Facebook?

    Downloading media from Facebook is pretty similar to Instagram; you just need to open the website, copy the URL, paste it into the textbox, and click the download button. These steps will work if you are using the Save From Net webpage.

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    If you like to use the android application, just copy the post link from Facebook, paste it into the application's input box, and download the video.

    Which Type of Content Can You Download and Save?

    Save From Net is a multi-purpose, multi-platform downloading utility. Hence, it supports multiple content formats. The service currently supports downloading for the below-listed formats.

    • MP3 Audio Files
    • MP4 Video Files
    • AVI videos
    • HD 720p videos
    • And other leading audio/video formats

    Website or Extension

    Save From Net is an established service, and hence it offers multiple options to download content and save it on your device. The two significant offerings are website and browser extension.

    Using the website is a better choice if you are an occasional video downloader. Moreover, this option is lengthy; hence, it's unsuitable for batch downloads.

    You can download the video while it loads on the site and be free from the hassle of being connected all time. If you are lazy and like to use shortcuts, the extension will be the best option. Whichever platform it is, if the service supports it, a download button will appear automatically.

    There are various other downloaders that are either invasive or bring viruses along with them into your system. But Save From Net is totally different; it respects the privacy of all its users and strives to provide the best services to every visitor. With all the knowledge you've received in this post, you can use the service hassle-free. So do give it a try.
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