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Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. Back Home - Instagram Editor and Viewer Tool Picuki, Complete Guide to Use it?

    Picuki is a famous online tool for Instagram used to download photos and pictures of IG accounts. The coolest part is that you don't need to sign in or register to download the images. And it can be anyone's account. You just need to write their specific id.

    Having said that, Picuki is more than a photo downloader, with additional features like

    Editing posts online can be anyone you want but with an ID. You can also crop, adjust and contrast them.

    Genuinely, Picuki is very easy to use, and it's free for everyone. You just need how it works.


    How to Use Picuki?

    Anyone can use Picuki in terms of age. We just need to follow instructions
    • You can view photos from your account search
    • You can view photos from hashtag search

    If you understand these two methods well, you can use the website and view Instagram effortlessly.

    Step 1–Account search

    • Once you have logged on to the Picuki website, you'll find the homepage. The process to utilize Picuki is simple. You just need to sign into the other person's Instagram account directly on the site.

    Picuki website IG image downloader tool

    • Picuki will then display the IGs associated with this IG account you entered. Generally, you'll find the one you're trying to find. Enter the account after you locate the IG account you're searching for. For instance, I type in the name of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo.
    • Find usernames using Picuki.
    • After log-in into the IG account, you'll see Picuki has listed all the images and pictures from the IG account. Even some posts from the IG account are displayed to help you.
    • After that, you will be able to see the entire content on your IG account! Once you locate the post from which you wish to download the image, click the button to sign in.
    • After entering the post picture, if you'd like to download the image, you can hit "Download" to download it and the IG image photo uploaded to this website. As the Picuki website is full size. There is no problem with the thumbnail getting smaller.

    Method 2 – Hashtag search

    To view Instagram photos by searching hashtags, follow the steps below.

    1- Access to Picuki just like before. Tap the search button.

    Use the search bar to search for Picuki

    2- Input the hashtag you wish to search for, click "search," and then the "search icon."

    Touch and reveal the "search icon."

    3- Click "Tags" above the search results.

    Tap on "tags."

    4- There are hashtags for candidates shown when you tap the hashtag you would like to view.

    Click on the tag to select it, and then it

    5- Results from hashtag searches are displayed, and you can view the pictures posted by scrolling through the screen. You can now see images of that hashtag search.

    How to Edit Photos in Picuki

    • One of the best benefits of Pick's internet-based application is that it can change other people's IG pictures online. Other IG downloaders did not offer this feature.
    • Picuki lets you use filters and cropping tools, change the saturation, contrast, exposure, and more. Directly to images on the internet, which is extremely easy. Once you have adjusted the image and adjusted it, you can download it straight away.

    You can read the entire story without having to log in.

    Using Picuki, it is possible to stream Instagram stories without signing in.

    If you'd like to see the Instagram story, follow the steps listed below.

    1- Go to the profile page for the person you'd like to read about their story on Picuki.
    2- Click "Stories" on the profile screen.

    Select "Stories" on the profile screen.

    3- Tap the Story icon on the lower right side of the screen.

    Tap the icon for stories

    4- Now, View Instagram stories without logging in.

    You can also watch Instagram stories

    If the video for the story isn't playing, try downloading it onto your phone at least once. You can also view the video by downloading the video file. I hope you understand the procedure. It's very easy and simple to make use of it.

    There are a few questions related to the Picuki tool online. Let's take a look…


    Q.1 Is Picuki legal and secure?

    Yes, using Instagram anonymously is a legal, secure and straightforward method to enjoy everything on Instagram without risking any unnecessary mishaps.

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    Q,2 Do your footprint get changed when you browse Instagram photos on Picuki?

    On Instagram, the moment you look at a post, you see an image.

    Most people like to watch Insta stories that do not leave footprints.

    If you view an Instagram story about Picuki, there aren't footprints.

    Q.3 What do I need to know about

    • Look up famous people
    • Check out the posts of celebrities.
    • You can look over the comments made on the blog post.
    • Comment on a blog post and view the profile of a user (you can also view that person's profile)
    • Here is a list of positive comments on the blog
    • Hashtag search is an option
    • Read the whole story here

    Q.4 What can I'm not able to do with

    • My settings for my profile
    • Create your own blog post
    • To comment
    • Good
    • Watch live streams
    • It is impossible to download or view content from a private account

    Q.5 Do you think is free? Wasn't it not charged on the method?

    It's free. earns money through Google AdSense. The Google AdSense program is available to anyone to use at no cost.

    There's no hassle-free registration of accounts.

    Q.6 Are Picuki anonymous?

    It is indeed anonymous. You can browse pictures and stories, but you won't leave footprints.


    If you are not using Instagram and logged in and still want to know what's happening, you can use Picuki. It can be used for personal or professional reasons, too. It's all up to you.

    Please note that you cannot see any posts or live streams from private accounts. If the other party has a private account, you cannot see it from external sites such as Picuki.

    The most notable feature of Picuki is the ability to download all images and pictures of your public IG account and edit the photos online. We can download this powerful feature without registration, making it highly recommended.

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