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Best Android Apps To Lock Whatsapp Chats

As Whatsapp is the most popular and common platform to chat, share videos, broadcast news and make video calls, the most important thing is to keep its privacy in place. Everything that happens here could reveal a lot of information to the outsider which you definitely want to avoid. Therefore, you can use one of the best Whatsapp locker apps on your phone so that your personal information is kept hidden and cannot be seen without your permission.

These apps are known for keeping a strong password or your fingerprint so that no one can try to break into your chats, even if you leave your phone alone for some time. Download the android app to local Whatsapp chat from the Google play store and protect yourself from prying eyes.

Best Whatsapp Locker Apps

 1.    Locker For Whats Chat App

One of the best apps to lock Whatsapp chats, this application consumes much less battery than its competitors and helps in securing group or individual chats. All the outstanding features include that it is free to use, protects applications from unauthorized access and uses minimum space in the phone. Moreover, it is known for protecting your privacy as your personal data is not shared with anyone.

Locker For Whats Chat App

You can either set a four digit password here or simply place your fingerprint to lock the application. You can even lock individual chat or individual group to lock and keep the chat safely aside.


2.    Security Master

This chat locker application is another way to protect your sensitive and private data, bank, contacts, photos and messages in your phone. If you think about how you can stay safe from viruses and junk, this application is one good deal. Further it provides you with VPN, anti-theft alarm and message security at the same time.

Security Master

This application can also clean RAM and boosts overall performance of your android phone. Apart from providing a smart locker feature, get yourself protected from malware or viruses which often attack the phone.


3.   Messenger & Chat Lock (ChatLock +)

Another best android app to lock Whatsapp chat, this application is not meant for famous Whatsapp alone. One can even lock Facebook Messenger and hide their chats here. In case you don’t like locking your phone manually every time, it can automatically lock the chats. And if someone tries to open your locked application, this smart app will take its pictures so that you can catch them after unlocking your phone.

Messenger & Chat Lock

Further, it’s very lightweight, simple and attractive which allows you to keep a 4-digit pin to save the data. Hence, save your chats and data by using this application in your android phone.

 4.    App Lock

How about locking all the social applications and not just Whatsapp? If you like the idea then App Lock is a smart app at your disposal with fun and beautiful themes. As this application is providing high security to lock all the social apps, many users across the world trust it for their Whatsapp chat locking. With that, you can even prevent unauthorized access to your phone’s gallery, contacts, incoming calls and much more.

App Lock

Moreover, this app has numerous settings which can make it look extraordinary, can hide multimedia images, and required files.

5.    App Lock Fingerprint

Looking for an app lock with a fingerprint sensor? Well, here you are! This app allows you to lock your Whatsapp using fingerprint as well as passwords and patterns. Interestingly, if anyone tries to open up your app by entering the wrong password, their photo will be clicked and sent to you via email. The most interesting feature is that no one can find out if your Whatsapp is actually locked or not, the app actually hides through a fake error window.

App Lock Fingerprint


6.    Private App Lock

You can not only lock Whatsapp chat with this app but also Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other chat applications available on your phone. Just like the previous one, this app also allows you to hide the data by displaying fake error messages if anyone tries opening up the chat option. It does not even occupy a lot of space and is lightweight with easy navigation.

Private App Lock

You need to set up a graph or password as a security feature in terms of locking the phone.



We hope that you have found one of the best apps to lock Whatsapp chat already and are going to use it for hiding data. We would like to know which chat locker app would you like to choose to lock your phone in the comments section below. Although we recommend you to try Locker For Whats Chat App for easiest lockage, you can suggest us more in the comments below.

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