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How To Check Vodafone Balance, Data Usage, And Validity - Vodafone Balance Check

Vodafone is India's widest network operator. With the most subscribers to its services. Vodafone is among the leading participants in the telecommunications business that offers mobile, landline, broadband, and TV services. You don't have to worry if you want to see how much data you used and how much data are left on your Vodafone number. You should know the simple ways to how to balance Vodafone data on your Vodafone prepaid mobile network. The Vodafone 2G, Vodafone 3G, and Vodafone 4G data balance can be checked by the brief USSD codes.

How To Check Vodafone Balance

How to check Vodafone balance

You can use some USSD codes or the mobile app to check the prepaid balance. Whether you are a Vodafone customer then you may examine your account balance by calling to *141# ussd code. Furthermore, you can use Vodafone USSD code to monitor the data balance and best offers with your number. The balance is checked by USSD code for all telecommunications operators. The codes differ between users. To get the details, the user just has to dial the USSD code.

How to check Vodafone data balance

You may simply obtain information about all your uses and services relating to your numbers by applying USSD codes if you are a Vodafone subscriber. Instead of dialing Vodafone's customer care number for all the details required by you, the USSD code can be used to provide you with the data amount that is available on the phone and the validity and payment due date of the next payment.

To know the data balance of your Vodafone number you can use the *111*2*2# code. While dialing the code you can get the data balance of your number. The Vodafone 4G or 3G can be monitored using USSD code. Furthermore, the My Vodafone app contains all of the information relating to your Vodafone account. To check the balance, data, and validity of Vodafone, you can also install Vodafone mobile application.

The following list of USSD Vodafone codes to assist you to check the data balance of Vodafone: 

  • To check your Vodafone phone for GPRS Internet data balance 
  • Data balance dial *111*6*2 
  • Use *141*9 for 2G balance. 
  • Use *123*8 for the balance of GPRS 
  • Call number 144 and SMS 'DATA BAL' 
  • Compose *111# for validity 

Both the above numbers provide you with information about the data balance on your telephone. Generally, most users will send SMS to 144 inputting Data BAL to save time.

Check Vodafone Balance Using the Vodafone app

You can also verify the information online besides offline methods to check your prepaid account balance. Users of Vodafone can view the My Vodafone app's account information. It is another approach to verify the validity and balance of Vodafone numbers through the smartphone downloading of the Vodafone app. After installing the Vodafone app, the user can sign up to determine the balance of data and the validity, the next due date for payment, to provide more information, such as better information plans and a history of graphs. You may check the internet balance of the Vodafone via the Data Balance section once logged in to the app.

Bottom lines

Checking the balance is an easy task, you can complete it by following the above instructions and checking the prepaid balance, internet balance, or checking the data Balance and the validity of the data.

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