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Why To Choose Unity For Your 2D Game Development

The cross-platform game engine of Unity has been developed by Unity Technologies. It was first introduced in June 2005 as a Mac OS X exclusive engine at Apple Inc’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Currently, the Unity engine is compatible with more than 25 platforms to serve a large number of gamers across the globe. Apart from AR, VR, 3D, this technology is well suited for making diverse 2D gaming content belonging to multiple genres. In January 2021, the latest version of Unity 2020.2.2 was released.

2D Game Development

Why Your 2D Game Development Should Have The Unity Advantage?

Market reports have suggested that mobile gaming revenues are expected to rise from 56 billion dollars in 2017 to 106 billion dollars in 2021. It implies a CAGR of 17.3 percent. Unity is equipped with 2D native tools to enable developers to create the desired games with ease and convenience. To come up with customized 2D games Unity can serve you with utmost effectiveness. A noted 2D game development company can be consulted to avail of trending solutions and stand out in the current competition.

Unity 2D Game Development Features That You Can Incorporate

Unity 2D is full of addictive features and functionalities that can enrich the look and feel of your games to increase attraction and improve engagement. Some of the notable features offered by Unity2D are listed below.

2D Animation: 

Animation is an integral part of any game development process and 2D games are no exceptions in this regard. 2d animation done with Unity helps in creating a smooth layout to enable importing of PSD. This facilitates accessing the layered artwork from the software. Thus you have seen how Unity can contribute to streamlining the tasks involved to reduce complexities without compromising on the proposed performances.

2D Lights: 

To enable your games to have full light control, native support for 2D lights is being provided by Unity. Unity 2d can help you to control the different parameters such as effects, colors, intensity, fall-off, etc.


 To simplify your game development process, this is another significant attribute offered by Unity2D. Here without any limits, grid-based worlds can be created easily and with effectiveness.

2D for Shader Graph: 

For 2D games shaders are pivotal but their coding aspects are the most crucial. Although this task is quite challenging, Unity is quite suitable in this regard to develop the shaders visually. Here the developers need to join the nodes for making the shaders on the network graph. This is indeed time-saving and also makes the best use of the developers’ efforts.

Sprite Shapes and Tools: 

To create organic 2d environments from the platform directly with ease you can avail Unity2d because of its built-in support for Sprite Shapes. Here the art assets for 2D-related games can be imported as it offers built-in support for Raster and Vector formats.

2D Pixel-perfect: 

2d games often face challenges in terms of graphics. Pixel Perfect Camera Component of Unity facilitates in keeping the pixels of 2D games clear and crisp.

Benefits Of Unity 2D Game Development

A reputed mobile game development company in India with Unity expertise can offer you the following advantages to stand out with trend-setting solutions.

Asset Store:

Unity’s biggest advantage is its vast online asset store which offers readymade items to be used directly in your games. This is also time-saving as the assets which can deliver impressive visuals are not required to be created from scratch. More than 12,000 assets can be availed from this store and quite a few of them are specifically meant for making popular 2D games.

Easy to Use: 

The Unity framework is beginner-friendly as it comes with loads of pre-designed assets and simple controls to make games exclusive yet engaging. Its clean and simple elements have enhanced its desirability among the developers of today to keep pace with the increasing demands of games.

Cross-platform Quality: 

Being a cross-platform tool, Unity helps in making games using a single codebase. The developed games can then be deployed across devices and operating systems for a large number of targeted gaming enthusiasts. This also reduces complexities but retains the proposed flavor of the games to make dreams a reality. Moreover, with Unity, the aspirations of the current generation of tech-savvy gamers can be met by blending technical convenience with creative brilliance.

Tutorials and Growing Community: 

Game developers like any other professionals need to stay updated and ensure loyalty among the players. By following the frequently updated tutorials of Unity online both experts and beginners can enhance their skills and abilities and meet the business objectives with precision. You can get consulted with a renowned mobile game development company in India to experience tailor-made services and crave more.

Hope this post has given you a comprehensive idea about how and why Unity 2D can boost your gaming business along with capturing the imaginations of the players-avid and casual. Now based on your gaming scope and nature you can apply this technology to boost the adrenaline rush of your gamers.


Are you planning to come up with your 2D games? Make the most use of Unity 2D today and make your own identity to influence the playing patterns. An established game development company with Unity proficiency can turn your compelling concepts into playable games with innovation and dynamism. Also you should know the app development cost.

Author Bio: 

Mr. Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, an eminent enterprise known for making stunning games and applications. His expertise and creative excellence have resulted in making games crazier among the youths of the world.

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