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Benefits Of Computer Maintenance Management Systems

In the modern era, where almost every operation is automated, it would make no sense to conduct manual maintenance. Of course, you’ll probably want to track the progress, assess machines in real-time, and organize care and scheduling, something that would be hard to conduct manually.

Fortunately, there is software to help in such tasks; Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). The introduction of CMMS has significantly changed the face of facility maintenance and management. This article discusses some of the benefits a company stands to gain by deploying computerized software for machine and operations management.

But first, lets’ find out more about CMMS.

Computer Maintenance Management Systems

What are computerized maintenance management systems?

CMMS combines various facility or manufacturing operation maintenance activities in one system. The different systems have one primary goal: improve the production and efficiency of equipment performance by eliminating any manual maintenance elements.

The CMMS incorporates or combines the automation of processes such as;

  • Tracking unscheduled maintenance
  • Work orders and requests
  • Assets preventive maintenance record keeping and maintenance
  • Company inventory management
  • Maintenance expense and audit and compliance record keeping

So, how would CMMS benefit your company/organization?

Benefits of computer maintenance management systems

With the centralized nature of CMMS, there come several benefits which you can never find with manual facility manual maintenance. Therefore, CMMS ensure:

Easy planning and scheduling of preventive maintenance

Every organization needs to conduct preventive maintenance: a standard or routine equipment or machine and asset maintenance. This measure is taken to help reduce or prevent any unplanned and costly unexpected machine failure.

To have successful preventive maintenance, you need to plan and schedule before any failure occurs. And that’s where CMMS comes in handy. Unlike the traditional setups, you have to plan, schedule, and track any maintenance by memory, which you may sometimes forget.

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CMMS, in this case, increases reliability by automatically scheduling preventive maintenance. It also ensures that adequate resources are available for care.

Since CMMS can identify any standard repairs or cost you're yet to incur, the chances are high that you would switch from reactive to proactive maintenance. This would help extend the lifespan of your equipment while reducing the operation and maintenance costs.

Ensures improved workflow

Computerized maintenance systems can allow you to plan, assign or easily choose works orders. It has a work request portal that enables the maintenance manager to provide directions or instructions about specific maintenance process schedules.

Even better, you’ll be able to track work orders assigned, plus the history of those who have attended for specific maintenance. A manager can also create and streamline them across the maintenance team through the request portal, even if they are still occupied with other tasks.

Simplifies inventory management

Manual maintenance can be challenging, especially if the maintenance department is disorganized. Worst, it can be hard to find out the parts needed for repair. However, with CMMS, you can track your assets or machines that need to be repaired or maintained.

Better still, the computer support systems can set up automatic re-ordering of parts. This ensures you have the fitting spare parts. Also, the CMMS would help pinpoint where there is a failure, what part you need, and where they are stored, thus saving you from spending a lot of time looking through your storeroom.

Simply put, the use of CMMS ensured simplified record keeping as you can easily track the cost of equipment needed and their location aiding compliance audits.

Reduces downtime

CMMS enables you to collect essential data like the possibility of an equipment failure and ensures efficient and effective maintenance. This reduces the amount of time that should have been taken on account of the machine failure. It also reduces the loss of time due to accidents that may occur due to unscheduled preventive maintenance, thus increasing its safety.

Ensures predictive maintenance

Since CMMS can automatically collect maintenance, repairs, and inventory maintenance data, it uses the same information to determine or predict when facility or equipment maintenance should happen.


Facility and equipment maintenance is a significant aspect in ensuring an organization's growth, progress, or success. So, to provide faster and easy maintenance, every firm must ensure they deploy technology, especially the use of computerized maintenance management systems.

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