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Here is the best Paraphrasing tool for academic writing?

If you are tired of rewriting long essays and articles then this post will be quite helpful for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the amazing paraphrasing tools that will not only help you with plagiarism-free content but will also provide you with instant results that will save your time and effort.

What is a paraphrasing tool and how can it benefit academic writers?

Paraphrasing tools are rewriting tools that modify or change the words or sentences in an essay to make the content unique without changing the actual meaning of the context. These tools are quite simple to use, you just need to copy-paste the text and the software will pull out its thesaurus with hundreds of synonyms and provide you with a fresh piece of writing that is not published anywhere on the web.

These paraphrasing tools are quite beneficial for academic writers because they often get confused about how they can submit essays that contain information from the internet without copying anything from the internet. Here a rewriting tool can help them modify their essays without changing the meaning of it and they can save time and complete their work fast.

Many writers, researchers, assignment writers, and students use such types of tools to create unique and fresh content that does not contain plagiarism at all. You can learn more here about the different tools and check out a neat way to compare them and see what would work best for you. Software comparisons sites are great when you need to make the decision what to choose.

What is plagiarism and why is it important to avoid it?

Plagiarism is copying content from other sources and using it in your text without giving credentials to the source from where it is copied. It is a crime and people submitting plagiarized content have to face harsh consequences in the future.

It is important to avoid plagiarism in your content because it is not good for your reputation and you can be sued by other companies. Other than this, Google’s search engine is particular about duplicate content which is never appreciated by it. If your site contains any kind of duplication then your site will be lying on the fourth or sixth page of Google's ranking pages. If you want to reach out to people you have to satisfy Google with original content that is not written anywhere on the internet.

Let us have a look at the best paraphrasing tools that are available on the internet for free.


This is one of the rephrasing tools that provide rewriting services for free and the results are quite instant. This tool offers a very simple interface that allows people to use it without any hassle such as there are no kinds of form filling, etc that take time.

Other than this, it is based on advanced artificial intelligence that allows the tool to scan each word from your text and then provides a very unique piece of content that is ready to be published anywhere.

This sentence rephraser rewrites content that is SEO-friendly and helps you to engage with your audience without charging any kind of amount. The tool is completely safe to use and none of your content will be saved in the database of this software.

2- Prespostseo

Prepostseo is one of the known websites that offer a paraphrasing tool for people who need to boost their writing skills. It provides immediate results and the process of rewriting is quite simple. Users just need to copy-paste or upload their content in any form and click on the submit button. After a few seconds, the rewritten version will be provided to you which will be best to upload on the internet.


Prepostseo offers many other tools as well such as a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, and many more that are also very useful for writers and students who can utilize them when writing essays and articles.

Many freelancers and bloggers use the mobile application of Prepostseo that includes a rewriting tool and helps people to speedily rewrite their stuff without wasting any minute.

3- Quillbot

This is one of the efficient tools that also provide a rewriting tool for writers out there but the tool is not fully free for writers. People who use it for free can only rewrite 700 characters and the premium users are allowed to rewrite 10000 words.


It provides 6 modes of rewriting methods but only premium users can use all of them. The ones who need to avail this tool for free are only allowed to use two of them.

Other than this, it is very simple to use and allows people to ensure that their content is unique from other write-ups that are being published online.

4- Spinbot

This is a very simple tool that allows writers to paraphrase their content without any charges. The limit to rewrite text for free is 10000 words which makes it an ideal tool for researchers who have thousands of words to rewrite.


This tool can save a lot of time and effort for the research writers whose time would get wasted if they rewrite the content on their own.

5- Chimp Writer

Chimp Rewriter is one of the rewriting tools that are more like a full-service article writing tool than just a paraphrase tool. It is an excellent alternative for individuals who take article rewriting and sentence rephrasing seriously.

This online paraphrase tool contains complex features such as N-spin, anchor text spin, mass directory rewrites, list rearranging, random sorting, and much more.

Chimp Rewriter

The tool is not available for free, there are separate charges that people can pay monthly or yearly. This paraphrasing tool combines artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze the meaning of the text and ensure that the result makes sense to the audience.

Other than this, Chimp Rewriter supports most of the languages that include English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, Slovenian, Portuguese, and others.


Many students hate their studies because of assignments and deadlines. When these tools are there to serve you with the best then why not avail its features and live life peacefully. The tools mentioned above are some of the best ones that provide amazing services to all the people out there in the world.

Many academic writers and students feel there is no need to use such tools, but if you once use these tools you will thank the Lord for creating such brilliant minds who created these tools.

So life is filled with many complex things that need to be sorted then why waste time on such things that are already sorted by the machines. Take advantage of the advanced technology and relax back to see the magic and wonders it does to your hectic schedules.

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