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7 Creative Automation Tips for Faster and More Effective Marketing Campaigns

It is a fact that ad spending on the digital space is increasing.

This means the continuing growth of the volume of branded content. Businesses or brands must create various content iterations to maintain relevance, connect with customers, and attract attention in comparison to their competition. must do so on the double.

However, many business entities that have their creative teams cannot keep up with the demand brought about by the profusion of digital channels that are now available. Using a manual method for content creation, performance, and distribution can rapidly exhaust the budget and resources, which would result in inefficiencies in workflow and ineffective marketing campaign delivery and performance.

With the use of technology in automating content production at scale, you can eliminate manual and repetitive steps and free up your time and space for brand building, storytelling, and other creative work. These "human parts" are the things that matter most.

Businesses are starting to understand the potential of creative automation to increase efficiency. However, there are still questions regarding creative automation. So first, what is creative automation?

What is Creative Automation?

The word ‘creative’ in ‘creative automation’ is usually misunderstood. There is an inaccurate idea that this involves automating the creative process which will eventually replace the creative team. This is not true.

Creative automation has something to do with content creation and production instead of the creativity aspect itself. It revolutionizes the way creative teams work nowadays by removing hold-ups that prevent them from flourishing and providing them more time and space to truly grow. Creativity is something inherent and permanent in humans. We can create things using technology, but we cannot teach creativity in the short term.

Image automation demo

To avoid the misclassification of creative automation as part of the creative process, we must refine the term and give due focus to what it can automate; and creativity is something that cannot be automated and, thus, not under threat. The opposite is true, in fact.

How the media is being bought and handled nowadays has been changed by automation. And so, creative work has to go through the same shift. Since the media is operating in real-time, business entities need to follow suit by offering out more creative content than they previously have done to meet public expectations. But this can be challenging due to expenses, creative processes, experience, and designs, among others. Automation is the answer.

Creative automation allows you to meet your creative production goals by taking repetitive work out of the picture. It has been transforming the way businesses digitally advertise. It has done so by having software carry out repetition for creative production functions or high-volume design. One study shows that 77% of marketers believe that a more automated digital advertising approach or strategy could benefit them.

But there is a lack of awareness about the existence of this technology, which is why many are still not using creative automation. This is a new concept and is very distinct from the traditional process many of these marketers are accustomed to. Also, email marketing software is very helpful for internet marketing.

The Benefits of Creative Automation

To help you appreciate creative automation more and to make it less foreign to you, we have outlined five of its benefits.

1. Speeds up production threefold

In one study, 51% of the responding brands identified increasing their pace of creative development as their goal in the next five years. One of the many advantages of creative automation is its faster production. With more creative products at hand, your brands are enabled to connect with your customers more frequently. Doing things three times faster makes a lot happen: you can change content as needed, roll out relevant creatives much more easily, and make changes on-the-go. Once your marketing team automates repetitive and tedious tasks, they can now spend more time on the creative formation of ideas or concepts.

2. It makes it easier to create creative works

Through creative automation, designers are enabled to instantly and completely carry out their vision and scale it thereafter. The key features that make building creatives a lot easier include hand-craft engaging global creative masters with gamification, motion graphics, animation, and product galleries, among others. It can also scale across channels with built-in responsive design and format specs; can organize and populate content such as images and text into feeds for quicker production, localization, and translation; and can connect your master templates to content feeds so that you can produce all your needed variations.

3. Makes workflows collaborative

Creative automation centralizes your creative production, thus, unifying team communication and collaboration. This would lead to a lot of wonderful outcomes. It increases agility since anyone’s idea can be circulated quickly and teams become more visible. There is also no need for emails with JPEGs to be sent back and forth for review and approval since this can already be handled within the software where everyone can access cloud-based creatives.

4. Eliminating errors

It is a challenge for all brands that spend money on digital advertising to prevent errors when producing thousands of ads. This is where creative automation can be of great help. With creative automation, variations are instantly generated without requiring the adjustment of creatives by hand. In the process, the software itself significantly decreased the risk of human error. Furthermore, rather than manually copying and pasting the creatives, the software directs them to the appropriate channel. This further lowers the chance of making mistakes.

5. Attracting customers

One must ensure, if he sends out a stream of messages, that the contents are relevant so that it will produce an impact. This is also what creative automation covers. It addresses the leading concern of organizations for higher customer engagement as a result of the automated creative production approach.

But the times when pure targeting and retargeting of audience work have passed, and they are not going to cut it anymore. There is now a need for a more efficient and sophisticated way that is based on skillful storytelling. Your capacity for creative relevance is being enhanced by unbolting a greater volume of creative work. With this, you will gain more opportunities to circulate particularly tailored stories to a diverse audience.

7 Creative Automation Tips for Faster and More Effective Marketing Campaigns

Creative automation may, at first, sound too technical for someone to fully grasp. But it does not have to be that technically intimidating. You can actually get started on creative automation with these seven tips. Hopefully, these can help you achieve faster and more effective marketing campaigns and save your business time and money.

1. Plan your posts

In social media, scheduling your posts is something that has been there for a long time already. This has been possible, naturally, for many years now. But automation software makes it much easier and more affordable. The majority of the marketing teams are spending too much time planning their posts. They are making sure that they remain consistent and are regularly posting to maintain followers. Because everything is already laid out, planned, and organized with scheduling, you save a lot of time.

You can try using HootSuite and Buffer, which are among the leading tools in this area. Their software packages are being used by hundreds of thousands of companies across different countries.

2. Automate your emails

Email marketing is a very important aspect of an organization’s marketing campaign, making it spectacularly easy to get entangled in the entire process. The technique that you will be using for this will really depend on the business and industry that you are in.

However, you should be implementing email automation as one consistent and good practice. You can utilize email marketing software and platforms, e.g., MailChimp. With this, creating templates for your special mailing list becomes an easy task. MailChimp also makes it easy to schedule emails at a specific point in time when a lead is at a certain stage of your conversion process.

3. Keep things short and sweet

Regardless of the stage of the marketing process, you are working on, you can have that process automated so that you can save time and money. You should find ways to save time, whether you are planning, strategizing, devising new techniques, trialling new email templates, or whatever else you are dealing with.

As you are looking for online tools, you should try to be creative with how you can make use of these tools. For instance, using tools like Easy Word Count enables you to track in real-time the number of words that you are typing. This tool will make it much easier for you to keep track of your content posts. It can also be of help in creating your email to be more to the point, and in ensuring that you are writing enough. There is an endless possibility!

4. Follow up leads automatically

While your business is growing and expanding, there is a need for you to follow up with leads and make sure that you are maximizing the opportunities for your business. But as your business or brand becomes bigger, more emails will also have to be sent out to more clients with the hope of having these leads converted into sales.

Luckily, it is a piece of cake to use automation software. There is no need for you to worry about missing someone. For instance, if you have clients who have items in their cart or basket but have exited the site, you can use email automation to remind them regarding their pending purchases. This will increase your chances of expanding your sales.

5. Use content editing tools

To edit your content in pursuit of perfection can be a time-consuming undertaking. This process may need to be executed several times before you reach that level of complete satisfaction. The credibility of your website can be utterly damaged by any poor content on your social media profiles or website.

Instead, it is important to utilize any available editing tools like Oxessays and State of Writing. The former also offers a comprehensive proofreading service. These tools can help you streamline your editing practices. And using these services enables you to edit your creative content in no time. It gives you the ability to utilize your time elsewhere on more essential sections of your marketing campaign.

6. Master content creation

You must finally realize that the content you are using in your marketing campaign is the key to achieving success. It is crucial, as an entrepreneur, that you invest the appropriate amount of time in doing research and perfecting your content to make it worthy of being at the center stage.

By fully grasping this in mind, you will have complete awareness of the fact that a lot of your time can be utilized in writing and rewriting posts, researching information, and trying to conduct SEO practices like keyword research that are effective and efficient.

What you can do instead is to outsource your copywriting tasks. This will allow you to spend more time on more essential and pressing aspects of your marketing campaign. For example, writing services like Essayroo and Boom Essays enable you to access a wide range of professional writers who can create any of your content based on your specific specifications.

7. Schedule your content

Normally, on top of automating your content creation, why not save up much more of your time by scheduling your overall content marketing strategy? With content platforms like Academadvisor or Elite Assignment Help, you can set up a content plan with ease where content will be produced at specific times and delivered as requested.

What this entails is that you can easily keep a constant stream of content coming into your business and going live. This ensures that your clients will never leave without absorbing high-quality content that will eventually generate more and more leads each day.

On the other hand, software packages like Resumention or CoSchedule are a very good way of creating a content calendar. This will allow all your marketing team and writers to understand exactly what is transpiring and when streamlining your process.


We must appreciate that the future is bright and we owe it much to the advancement of technology. Content production is becoming more automated as days pass by, and we are hoping that creativity will end up becoming the real winner. Creative automation is really about freeing the designer; this also empowers the marketer. Automation gives creativity the time it truly deserves.

You must realize that automation is the way forward when it comes to the management and organization of your marketing strategies. With a little help from proven software and tested packages and platforms, you will be able to save a lot of hours that will allow you to achieve more than you ever thought was possible.

Author’s Bio:

Shelly Solis
Shelly Solis is the co-founder of - SaaS Marketing Services, a digital marketing agency for SaaS companies.
She has been doing online writing since 2009. Over the years, she collaborated with businesses in niches like SaaS, technology, photography, business, finance, infrastructure management, car dealerships, and digital marketing. She loves a good challenge.

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