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What Does O7 Mean In Texting On Social Media?

Before mobile phones, we had to make our emojis out of numbers, letters, and punctuation. As a result, the phrase "O7" frequently appears in online web forums and video games. Furthermore, because the slang "O7" is so common, you may not think it is strange when you hear it. Have you ever wondered what does o7 mean, if it is an acronym for some yet-undiscovered term or if it means something? The correct answer can be found in this guide. You will also discover its history and definition.

The definition of O7 -

It is an emoticon that appears to be someone saluting someone else. The letter O represents a head or face in the emoticon O7, while the number 7 represents an arm and hand saluting in a military-style salute. These symbols are uncommon in other gaming communities, but they are extremely popular among EVE players. The letters o7 and o/ both mean the same thing, and they are used as a friendly greeting between players who are not out to harm each other. In real life, o/ is more informal, whereas o7 is more formal. A wave is a pleasant gesture, but a salute is a show of respect.

O7 Mean In Texting On Social Media

What is the origin of the slang "O7"?

The slang "o7" arose from a desire to interact and be approachable in EVE. Because it is expected that the other players will be hostile, good communication is essential. The wave and salute signs were a way to show that no one meant any harm to the other because both gestures require people to take their hands off their weapons, especially if they are military. To demonstrate to other EVE players that one means no harm, they can open their chat with an o7 or an o/.

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Bottom line

Overall, the number o7 meaning represents a salute in online gaming, particularly in the online video game EVE. It is practised as a friendly, respectful greeting to show the other player that it does not mean any harm. If you have any questions, then please write for us here.

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