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Secrets to Developing the Perfect Email Campaign

Did you know that there are 306.4 billion emails sent every day? While it may be the oldest form of digital communication, email remains one of the most used platforms to link to your audience. Besides, with a successful email marketing campaign, you are guaranteed to make your recipients take action, generate leads and sales, and get a $38 ROI on every dollar spent.

But how do you develop a successful email campaign?

Read on for tips and secrets to developing the perfect email campaign.

Why Use Campaign Monitor For Email Marketing

The first step to a successful email campaign is using a reliable marketing platform. Campaign Monitor gives your business email marketing tools that help you keep track of your marketing strategy. Still not quite convinced? Here are reasons why Campaign Monitor is a successful resource that should be incorporated into your business marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Mobile Optimization

Campaign Monitor provides responsive templates that can easily be read on various digital devices, including mobile phones. Most of your potential customers own mobile phones, so you are assured of reaching a larger audience.

Easy to Use

You do not have to worry about hiring professionals to code your message. This email marketing platform uses a drag and drop email builder that is simple to use; therefore, you can design your templates to showcase your brand.

Template Management

The platform upholds your brand's confidentiality. For this reason, it features template management for teams to ensure that all the crucial information about your brand remains intact. With this management feature, you can lock sections of your template so that your team only uploads the data that you wish them to.

Tips for Developing the Perfect Email Campaign

Not sure how to develop an email marketing campaign that guarantees a return on your investment, increases your profits, and generates more leads and sales? The following are some tricks and secrets to developing a perfect email campaign.

1. Know Your Audience

Who is your target audience? Before commencing your email marketing campaign, you should have a list of qualified leads interested in what you are offering. This helps to craft messages that are relatable to the audience.

Whether you target an entire list or a segment of your customer base, you should find out their interests and what is important to them to create emails that align with their needs.

To identify prospective audiences for your email campaign, you could convert your web visitors into subscribers by using exit-intent pop-ups, social media, offering freebies, hosting events, leveraging business cards, and developing a personalized call-to-action (CTA).

2. Personalize Your Emails

You need to make your customers feel valued and appreciated. A customer is likely to take the desired action if they do not feel like just a number, so you should employ conversational or personal marketing approaches.

To include a personal touch to your emails, you could add a piece of content from a significant figure within the company (like a CEO or manager) so that your messages are from a familiar person. You could also use a reliable email platform that allows you to include the recipient's name in the body copy or subject line to make your message more relatable.

3. Use Enticing Subject Lines

Often, most people do not open emails immediately, especially if they are from an unfamiliar source. Instead, a customer will decide to go ahead and open an email depending on the message on the preview pane. For this reason, you need to use enticing phrases that excite and get your potential customers to open and read your email.

It is worth noting that a subject line does not have to be lengthy. You do not want to lose your subscriber’s attention even before they start reading your body content. For example, a great email headline should have 40 to 50 characters.

You could also adjust your subject line to ensure it shows on a mobile screen to increase a customer's chances of opening and reading your email. That said, ensure that you incorporate the most crucial part of your message at the start of your subject line and that it accurately reflects your offer.

4. Provide Quality Content

Your email marketing content copy should hook your readers from the start to encourage them to read on. Be sure to think through the message you want to put across and prepare your content according to the response you need from your customers. You should also have a clear picture of what you want the recipients to do and include a relevant and strong call to action.

That said, ensure that your web copy provides value to the recipients. This means that your message should align with the recipient's interests and behaviors to get them to take action. Now, if your business deals with multiple industries, consider sending segmented emails according to the recipient's interests and behavior to increase content relevancy.

In addition, your web copy should be short, avoid grammatical errors and typos, and provide original and genuine information. You can also have an extra set of eyes proofread your email to avoid sending one that creates the wrong impression among your audience.

5. Test Your Email Campaign

Often, images, graphics, and text that appears readable on a desktop may be too small on other devices such as mobile phones, ultimately interfering with the audience's reading experience. So before sending an email, you should first ensure that it can be read seamlessly across different devices.

Wondering how to test your email campaign? Consider sending test emails to your mobile phones and other devices or the various email platforms to gauge the preview outcome depending on the complexity of your copy design.

Most users check their emails on the go, using their phones, to ensure that your email copy is concise, clear, and skimmable for mobile viewing.

If You Need Some Help Getting Started...

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies because you can get immediate feedback from potential clients, have a higher investment return, and drive conversions. For a successful email campaign, you should know your audience, personalize your emails, use enticing subject lines, provide quality content, and test your campaign.

And if you need a little help starting off (or handling your email marketing entirely), make sure you choose a reliable email marketing service provider for the best results.

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