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What Does TMB Mean In Online Texting On Social Media?

Someone who texts you TMB texts me back wants you to respond as soon as possible. When a person wants you to respond to their message by text rather than another media, this abbreviation is most commonly seen in text messages, but it can also be used in emails and online chat. CMB such as call me back, MMB (message me back), and WMB (write me back) are all connected to TMB meaning. Close Friends and family members are more likely to utilize it than coworkers and employees because they are more comfortable texting each other.

TMB Mean In Online Texting

What does TMB mean?

TMB is an acronym or abbreviation that is defined in plain English. This page shows how TMB is used in message and chat forums and social media platforms. You can see all of the meanings of TMB where some are educational terms, others are medical terms, and still, others are computer phrases.

Tag me back:

  • Getting back to me when you have a chance is another way of putting it. Text messaging is a common application of this term.
  • A quick way to tell someone to respond to you on online texting similar to CMB or MMB, it is typically used when you are impatient and want someone to respond to what you said to them on message.

Related slang:

  • MMB- Message me back
  • WB- Write back
  • CMB- call me back
  • TMB- text me back
  • WMB- write me back
  • MSG- message
  • NNTR- no need reply
  • NRN- no reply necessary

Bottom line:

Finally, this page explains what TMB stands for. The definitions mentioned above, examples, and related terms were written and compiled. New slang phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations are added to your database on a regular basis. So these are the details about what does TMB meaning in online texting.

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