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5 Best Data Protection Companies

Hacking and other cyber security threats capitalize on weak data systems by developing new ways to penetrate networks. A report discovered that 60% of all targeted attacks are directed towards small- to mid-sized companies.

The continued efforts of cybersecurity companies and their personnel help businesses stay ahead of these threats. Modern data loss prevention and backup services are responsive, rapid, highly flexible, and overall, much more secure than legacy solutions.

They give businesses a much better chance to protect against, prepare for and mitigate the effects of data ransom, loss, theft, or corruption.

Data Protection

Companies specializing in data protection, backup, and loss prevention, have the proper infrastructure and expertise to offer a greater level of security and management of many businesses’ data than any in-house solutions.

Top cybersecurity companies may also be helpful when it comes to making better use of your data. They’ll offer you scalable solutions for creating and managing databases, conducting tests and analytics, and offering training to your employees.

Today, we have listed some of the best data protection companies you can contract to help you with your cybersecurity issues. Read on to find out more.


McAfee is one of the well-known cybersecurity companies in the world. It has been churning out cybersecurity software since it first began in 1987. It’s a company based out of California, which also works with governments around the globe.

It relies on McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to keep businesses, governments, and consumers safe from hackers and cyber threats.

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McAfee’s endpoint and mobile security systems protect end-users from attacks, while its network security systems protect databases, company servers, and data centers. McAfee also provides cybersecurity software for mobile devices and personal computers for home users.

McAfee is a global player that protects corporate networks and consumers online. Its ubiquitous solutions allow it to remain a significant cybersecurity player for individuals and enterprises alike.

Dataknox is a global ITAD service that delivers maximum asset recovery for your used and surplus data center hardware. It is a purpose-driven organization with a singular mission, to help the planet while helping the customers, Data Center Ops, IT, and DevOps. They support data center & corporate IT teams UNLOCK VALUE with fully-certified asset disposition and buyback. From your 'on-prem' infra to your Colo footprint to your Cloud migration, can support your journey.

Red Sift

Red Sift seeks to help organizations protect themselves from costly cyber threats and attacks using its Open Cloud data analytics platform. Red Sift uses AI to visualize and compute data from thousands of individuals to optimize their cybersecurity efforts.

The first product it has is OnDMARC. This is a SaaS product to help maintain domain-based message authentications, conformance, and reporting. Its email authentication protocol helps protect companies against phishing attacks and increases the delivery of genuine emails.

Red Sift also works with Microsoft Outlook and supports its 360-degree email protection. It’s a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and Microsoft Azure data protection services. This partnership allows it to protect Office 365 clients on an open cloud platform.

Red Sift was founded in 2015, and the London-based startup has continued to expand its operations to serve its growing North American customer base. It was also a 2017 Computing Security Awards winner for Anti Phishing Solution of the Year and a Cybersecurity Excellence Awards winner in 2020.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks began in 2005 and is based out of Santa Clara, California. It’s a global cybersecurity company that serves more than 54,000 customers across more than 150 countries.

Palo Alto’s central Security Operating Platform helps protect you from hackers by using analytics to automate routine tasks, simplifying security and enforcement.

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The platform works with several industries, including healthcare and financial services. This global cybersecurity company also provides advanced firewall services, cloud security, endpoint protection, and threat detection. It aims to simplify security so that customers can focus on securing applications, users, and data. Palo Alto Networks has advanced firewalls and cloud-based security products that serve more than 85% of the Fortune 100 companies and 63% of the Global 2000.


SecureWorks offers its users managed security solutions, network and IT focused on information security services. The event management platform and security information leverages GIAC-certified experts and uses applied security research to protect companies.

It also utilizes AI and automation, analysts, actionable insight, and visibility from the thousands of clients it serves to create a much more robust network effect that predicts and combats cyberattacks.

SecureWorks hopes to improve its Threat Detection and Response product to help better security teams detect and respond to security threats. It plans to integrate with third-party products and utilize machine learning and threat intelligence to protect its users from known and unknown threats.


CrowdStrike was founded in 2011, and it was born out of necessity. It realized that the existing security solutions on the market fell short when combating sophisticated hackers infiltrating some of the largest corporations.

CrowdStrike is now a top cybersecurity company in many continents, including Europe, India, and the United States.

It provides cybersecurity services to 12 out of the 20 largest global Fortune companies, five of the top ten largest healthcare providers, and 10 of the 20 largest financial institutes. It’s also a leader in providing cybersecurity services for the energy market.

CrowdStrike is also the first cloud-native endpoint security platform. It secures endpoints (devices and servers) and secures workloads (virtual, containerized, mobile, cloud, and data centers).


A data breach can quickly turn catastrophic for a company, especially if it’s a small business that may not be fully prepared for the threat. You should have multiple point solutions to stay ahead of any cybersecurity threat as an organization. If you have any suggestion, then you can tech write for us.

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