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Best VPS Hosting Providers in Canada

Choosing a web hosting provider for your business’ website can be a big step. There are so many web hosting providers available in Canada, how will you be able to narrow it down? Luckily, there are many ways to tell whether a hosting provider is reliable. We have provided a list of some of the best VPS hosting providers in Canada for your consideration.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server, or VPS, hosting is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Typically, people will start with shared hosting and upgrade to VPS, but they could also choose a VPS plan from the beginning.

VPS Hosting

With shared hosting, your website will share the same server as many others. All the memory and CPU power gets divided amongst the sites, resulting in a reduction of performance for all of them. A common visualization of shared hosting is imagining an apartment building with hundreds of units. You can’t make any modifications to your unit, and when one person becomes affected by something, everyone else is as well.

VPS hosting is an upgrade because your website will receive a dedicated allocation of resources. Your website’s performance is likely to see a significant improvement since no other websites are draining your resources. You will also have more control of various settings, and you can choose which operating system you want to use. A visualization of a VPS would be a condo building. There are fewer units as compared to an apartment building, and each person can adjust their space.


You will no longer struggle to find a reliable VPS hosting plan once you discover more about HostPapa. The company has an established date of 2006 and is currently host to over 500,000 websites around the world. The Toronto-based company has two main locations for its data centers in Ontario and New York, although they are expanding.

HostPapa clients can choose from their shared, VPS, reseller, or WordPress hosting plans. Their VPS plans have planetary names and start with the Mercury plan for $19.99 monthly and range to the Jupiter plan for $249.99 monthly. These plans all have a minimum of 4 core CPUs, and the most powerful plans have 1TB of SSD storage.

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The company also has a good uptime of 99.98% and speeds of approximately 550ms per loading page.


GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider that offers a good selection of VPS plans. The company was initially established in California, and currently has data centers all over the world. These areas include Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Phoenix.

GreenGeeks has earned the reputation of being one of the greenest web hosting providers. This is due to their dedication to generating renewable energy and support of green initiatives. The company currently generates three times more renewable energy than they consume.

The three managed VPS plans that GreenGeeks offers range in price from $39.95 monthly to $109.95 monthly. There are 2GB of RAM included in the first plan, 4GB in the second, and 8GB in the third.

The uptime for a site hosted by GreenGeeks typically ranges from between 99.90% - 99.98%. Users also experience fast speeds, averaging 445ms per loading page.


HostUpon is a reputable Canadian web hosting provider currently servicing over 30,000 websites. They have a location in Toronto, which is also where their servers are. The company prides itself by not outsourcing, and its customer service agents are all in-house.

HostUpon’s VPS plans vary depending on what your needs are. Their VPS-50 plan would suit beginners, as it offers 1GB of RAM and 50GV disk space for $69.95 monthly. The next step up is their VPS-75 plan. It provides 1.5GB of RAM and 75GB of disk space for $89.95 monthly. Finally, their VPS-100 plan offers 2GB of RAM and 100GB of disk space for $110.95 monthly. All of these plans include full root access, allowing the user to customize their site.

The uptime of this company tends to be around 99.90% in any given year. Their speeds are average at approximately 2 seconds per loading page. The company also prioritizes virtual security by performing real-time scans, sandboxing, and providing advanced firewalls, among other methods. If you have any questions, then you can write for us here.

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