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A Guide To Save For Your Child's College Education

While young students can deal with the situation when it comes to paying for college (by applying for scholarships or considering part-time jobs), parents can provide enough financial support for their education in a variety of ways. Just like you start saving early for retirement, you should begin saving for your child’s education as soon as possible. Funding their higher education must be one of your financial goals.

Here we have listed some simple and most effective ways parents can save for their child’s education to help them earn degrees without being stressed financially.

Child Education

Have a Plan

Determining the total cost of higher education for your child could be the first and foremost step in building a savings plan for education. Assessing the current tuition and fees figure can help you reach a round figure. They may not provide an accurate figure but you can get a rough idea to consider. Use of a college cost calculator is also a good idea to calculate the money you need to save for your child’s education. After reaching a final figure, now it is time to determine where the education money will come from. Your personal savings plan, financial aid, and grants from the Govt and private student loans are some options to consider.

Open a 529 Plan

529 plans are the saving plans sponsored by the state government to encourage saving for education costs. 529 plans are tax-friendly and your state may let you deduct the contribution from income tax. The money you withdraw for college would not be taxed by the government. This is the reason, contributing to a 529 saving plan is one of the best ways to support your child financially during his/her college. You can put your money either in your state’s plan or any other state’s plan if there is a plan to study abroad.

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Take Out a Permanent Life Insurance Policy

Buying a life insurance plan is considered as one of the best ways to financially support your child during his/her higher education even if you are no more. Experts suggest getting a permanent life insurance policy as a part of the premium goes to the death benefit and the other part goes into a tax-exempt savings account. The money paid towards permanent life insurance premiums can be accessed anytime during the life for any reason like funding your child’s college costs. This is a perfect way to make your family financially protected even when you pass away.

Get a Credit Card with Plenty of benefits

Credit cards can help you save personal money in a variety of ways. And the saved money can be used to support your child’s college education. Credit cards usually come with enticing discounts and offer like a sign-up bonus, 0% APR on balance transfer, cashback, free rewards and shopping discounts, etc. In this way, you can save a lot of bucks every month while paying for day-to-day necessities and utilities. To reap the benefits of a credit card, you should get the right credit card as per your current spending habits and financial situation. Make sure to read the fine print carefully to avoid any hidden fees and finance charges. Furthermore, remember to make payments on time to save money for your child’s education instead of building credit card debt.

Take out federal loans

Filling out a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) is another good idea to finance the college education of your child. This will help you determine how much your child will get in form of educational grants and federal loans. If the student is considered a dependent, you as a parent will need to fill a portion of that form. You may need to provide details like monthly income, assets, and other financial information. This as a result opens the opportunity of a parent plus loan. This is just an option; you are not obligated to take out that loan.

Final Thoughts

Planning for the education of your child takes a comprehensive approach to your current financial situation. But it is not impossible. Effective planning enables you to pay for a port or all of your child’s education without disturbing your monthly budget and facing financial issues.

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