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3 Amazing Twitter Feed Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Budding brands are constantly finding new ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their brand website. Websites are a crucial point of interaction between the prospects and a brand and hence, they should comprise elements and content that is engaging enough and holds the ability to convert.

Of all the mediums, social media platforms stand tall when it comes to appropriate marketing platform options for budding brands and businesses. Even though every social media platform has a different vibe and significance, twitter is one such platform that offers its users a medium to voice their opinions across various topics.


Users leverage Twitter as a microblogging platform to express their thoughts and opinions in 280 characters. Every day millions of people use Twitter to Tweet about what’s on their mind, which makes the platform a plethora of dynamic content, that can enable brands to keep the audience engaged on the platform for a longer period of time.

This is where Twitter feed plugins come in. Using a responsive plugin, the users can easily showcase their Twitter feed on their website. WordPress directory is full of various options and it is mandatory to choose the one that fits best.

In this post, we will be telling you about a few Twitters feed plugin options that can help users easily collect and embed Twitter feed on their WordPress websites.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Best Twitter Plugin Options for WordPress

1. Tagembed Twitter Feed Plugin

The first option on the list is the Tagembed Twitter feed plugin option. This plugin enables the users to effectively collect and embed Twitter content on their website. It comes with a number of power-packed features that can ensure brands create a highly effective Twitter widget.

Apart from simply aggregating the content, the user can use the customization options to select from a wide range of styling options like fonts, backgrounds, theme, template, design, etc. to make the widget more visually appealing. The plugin also has a content moderation panel that allows the users to eliminate any unwanted or irrelevant content from the Twitter feeds.

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Once the Twitter widget is published, the users can use the advanced analytics feature to track its performance. They can get details like total impressions, likes, total engagement rate, clicks, etc. The other additional features of the plugin are automatic updates and 24x7 assistance to the users if they face any issue while using the widget.

Overall, the Tagembed Twitter feed is a leading social media aggregation plugin that requires no coding or special coding skills to be used.

2. GS Twitter Feeds Plugin

Another amazing plugin option to include Twitter feeds on your WordPress website is the GS Twitter feeds plugin. The users simply need to paste the shortcodes on their website, where they wish to showcase their Twitter feeds.

The plugin enables the users to showcase their Twitter feeds while displaying their followers, likes, number of tweets, etc. For customization, the plugin offers 3 different date format options to its users. Moreover, the plugin is extremely easy to set up and can be used easily by users.

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For more customization and other features, the users need to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin that offers different theme styles. Additionally, the users will be able to enjoy free updates for a year.

3. Easy Twitter Feed Plugin

True to its name, this plugin stands by what it claims due to its super easy functionality. This plugin is perfect for users who want to showcase their Twitter feeds as a sidebar widget on their blog section.

This plugin is best suited for all WordPress themes and suits all options well. The best part of the plugin is that it includes the Twitter feed on your website without the need for an API. However, the major limitation of this plugin is that it does not have any professional version. Hence, you can leverage limited feature options to uplift the effectiveness of the widget. We recommend you consider the other two options mentioned in the blog instead.

Benefits of Using Twitter Feed Plugins for WordPress Website

If you are apprehensive about showcasing Twitter feeds on your website and are still having second thoughts, then this section will give you an insight into the reasons why you need to include this strategy in your business.

  • Effectively boost the engagement of your website
  • Enhance the overall look of your website
  • Build a social proof of your brand
  • Increase your Twitter followers
  • Showcase User-Generated Content on your website
  • Instill faith and confidence in your potential customers
  • Open doors for more sales and conversions
  • Get SEO benefits and rank higher on the search engine ranking page

Key Takeaways

We are calling it a wrap and you are now aware of the 3 most incredible Twitter feed plugins that can be used for including Twitter feeds on your WordPress website.

Just like the other social media networks, Twitter is also a highly influential social media platform that is used by a whopping number of more than 300 million monthly active users! Further, using this strategy in your business is a great move to enjoy the aforementioned advantages and much more.

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Go on now, select your preferred Twitter feed plugin and you will be amazed to see the benefits coming in. Bring a shift in your business right away! All you need to do is embed Twitter feeds to notice a remarkable change!

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