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How Can Blockchain Transform The Way We Do Business? - Tips and Tricks for Success!

This blog aims to give you a beginner's look at Blockchain technologies and how it can be used in businesses. It gives some insight on what blockchains is, their application, and also provides information on some of the platforms that will help entrepreneurs do business with blockchain. The first part of this blog defines what blockchain is etc. For those whose appetite has been whetted by this brief introduction, please continue reading.

The Blockchain-

A blockchain is an open ledger that records all transactions done involving value or data across many computers connected on a peer-to-peer network. A new transaction is added as "blocks" or cryptographically signed records onto the chain which can't be tampered afterward. It allows for trustless transactions, user anonymity and secure data transfer. By allowing its users to directly verify the details of any transaction done without an intermediary, it provides accountability.


The first successful blockchain was created as part of bitcoin in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto (the identity of this person remains shrouded in mystery). However, the concept has been around for much longer; its first usage can be traced back to circa 1980s when Merkle trees were used to demonstrate the principle.

The technological component behind a blockchain is a distributed ledger which runs on multiple machines at once thus resolving issues with possible manipulation or fraud from a single source/machine. On a larger scale, this allows for decentralization across sectors and industries thus changing how business transactions are conducted forever!

Real-life Applications:

Blockchain has the potential to create a massive impact on how we do business as it is designed as an open and transparent system. It may indeed be the technology that helps businesses leap forward at a much faster pace than they have been accustomed to so far. Let us now look at some recent applications of blockchain technologies across industries:

Leveraging Blockchain for Financial Services-

Financial services, particularly banking and insurance, are already witnessing considerable benefits from blockchain implementation. Due to the nature of their business operations, financial institutions regularly conduct multiple transactions involving currencies or other assets belonging to many different parties under varied conditions. In such complex situations where systems need to speak with each other across various channels, incidences of frauds are bound to occur. Blockchain provides these institutions with yet another powerful tool that can be used to monitor and control all transactions, thus minimizing the risks of frauds significantly.

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The blockchain also provides an easy platform for implementing smart contracts. These are digital protocols that facilitate, verify or enforce specific action by contracting parties without getting delayed due to various challenges like third-party interferences etc. This makes it possible to reduce operational costs drastically while maximizing efficiency. The application of blockchain in this industry is being tested under collaborative efforts between R3 Consortium, Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project, IBM, Microsoft and The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA).

Leveraging Blockchain for Suppliers' Networks:

Even suppliers' networks are benefiting from blockchain technology. A blockchain can be used to keep track of purchases, shipments and the overall inventory across the whole network that is made up of various sellers, suppliers and their subcontractors spread out in different geographies. It can thus help to minimize errors in product delivery, improve upon timelines for procurement etc.

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Advantages of Blockchain:

Blockchain has many benefits which range from speeding up business processes to improving overall operational efficiency significantly.

Here are some of the key advantages offered by this innovative technology:

Trustless transactions with greater transparency –

Since there is no need for any centralized authority to approve a transaction, it becomes much easier to verify them since they know all corresponding details about them without having to rely on an external source This also makes it easier to keep an eye on any suspicious transactions and prevent them from happening.

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Automatic settlements of digital assets –

The decentralized nature of blockchain means that there is no manual intervention required in the process of ownership transfers. This results in faster settlements and associated fees which are charged on a per-transaction basis. Since all details pertaining to these transactions are available for public scrutiny, this ensures greater authenticity and security for everyone involved in the business processes under consideration.

Large-scale automation –

Blockchain technology facilitates effective automation across functional departments with every node connected to a common network possessing a copy of all data which gets updated automatically when new entries are made into the ledger by various participants depending upon their pre-defined roles. This eliminates additional computing power and resources required for centralized processing of data across various systems etc. As a result, organizations save on significant sums of operational costs without compromising upon their security.

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With blockchain becoming mainstream, it has the potential to disrupt almost every industry in one way or the other. Although its applications are still limited, there is no denying that this technology holds immense disruptive power which can revolutionize the world as we know it.

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