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Diversifying Crypto Investments with PrimeXBT - Options to Consider during a Bitcoin Bearish Run

Reports of tighter laws and tension in Europe have unleashed an unprecedented bearish run in crypto stocks, the fed rate hike is also poised to pile pressure further as March approaches.

Some indications point to possibly further below $30k this year for Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. These staggering drops that cut across many markets will influence investors to diversify their digital asset Investments.


The rush to close positions in the stock markets has sent the S&P 500 tumbling—shedding about 4.9 percent within a month. The same is true for NASDAQ, which was about 10 percent down in January 2022 from the November 2021 peaks. Swift changes in crypto markets have influenced many markets, including Contracts for Difference trades in PrimeXBT and other platforms.

Sudden drops in the financial market highlight aggressive external pressure that makes investors uneasy; creating a sell-off, but it is also the best time to buy.

Is Owning Bitcoin Still Viable?

With heightened tension in Europe still a thing to contemplate, and the expected Fed rate hike somewhere in March, Bitcoin's position in the market will take a significant hit.

However, when the pressure eases, the crypto coin will climb. Turmoil, especially those occasioned by external pressure, provoke bearish runs that increase the number of Bitcoins in the market. Regardless, a stiff resistance puts Bitcoin at a stable position—it is yet to hit the oversold threshold. The moving average for the coin seems nominal, with higher breaks expected. Possibly, at some point, the much-anticipated forecasted $100K value per Bitcoin might come to fruition, but the market will still maintain a bearish position in the short and midterm.

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Predictions of the position of Bitcoin in the long-term remain speculative, with indications to hit $100K not taking into consideration the pressure not yet accounted for in the future, meaning the price might go either way. Noteworthy, such volatile instruments require diversified positions by any experienced traders in PrimeXBT or any other platform, especially to stablecoin-based yields that might cushion any unforeseen shocks.

Best Alternative Investments to Bitcoin

Bitcoin's poor start in 2022 is shocking, though volatility in the markets remains normal. However, the new average price of the cryptocurrency still intimidates many even after the recent tank, making NFTs and Altcoins investable alternatives. NFTs are rallying, according to their year-end results in 2021, and are picking away the dominance of cryptocurrencies as the most preferred digital assets.

Altcoins are other positions investors can take, with their smaller prices a good starting point for new investors. NEAR token comes to mind when thinking about diversifying away from Bitcoin. The Token reached a high of about 607 percent in the 2021 crypto rally, a staggering increase, considering that it now goes for $17. Some altcoins such as FTM have seen surges of up to 9669 percent and are still going up with recent performances of a 12 percent increase. Altcoins are remarkable; but they predominantly trace the movement of Bitcoin, evidenced in PrimeXBT’s trading terminal, making NFTs a sound alternative.

NFTs are not crypto but also use Blockchain, which has helped explode trading volume. 2022 is looking to set record-breaking levels of trading volume of the non-fungible assets, setting a trend that might one-day rival crypto. NFTs have a critical relationship with crypto, and more of them will help Bitcoin reach new highs soon as they continue to find a formidable footing. NFTs have grown tremendously, with more confidence in them now than two years ago in 2020. The whopping growth of about $229B highlights increased confidence in 2021, rising from a measly $18Billion. Such staggering figures make them a sound alternative in portfolio diversification. You can also contact to Crypto exchange development company.

Diversifying Away from Crypto Assets

Outliers in the market are the fundamentals to watch out for, with places such as the eCommerce segment a strong consideration for investors. Following trends of the Big money players help bring the hidden gems in the market into view, with Shopify stock a top consideration. The eCommerce segment has enjoyed staggering growth, with tech firms another alternative. Medical device companies have had a lot of attention, as the fight intensifies in the Covid pandemic and beyond, they are a stock to consider.

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