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5 Ways to Restore an Instagram Account Without Email or Phone Number

The issue of Instagram profile recovery is the one that every user may face. Most users use this media not only for entertainment but also for business purposes, so losing access to your profile can be a real problem. What to do if you do not remember your password and login? How to restore your profile without email and phone number? There are several tips to restore access to your profile even under the most critical conditions.

Top 5 Ways to Restore Your Instagram Profile

Restoring an Instagram profile can be a real challenge when you don't have access to your email or phone number. However, solving this problem is still possible, and here is how.

Instagram Profile

Recovery Via Email

No access to your email? Using email to recover your profile is one of the most effective ways to restore your Instagram profile. Therefore, it is worth starting with restoring access to the lost Instagram email.

To get started, contact your email provider to recover your account and then proceed with the email profile recovery process. If you don’t remember what email is connected with your IG profile, then select log in with an email and you will see the part of the email name. This will be enough to check out what email you used for registration.

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Use Facebook

One of the ways to restore the account is to use Facebook. This is also one of the easiest ways to do it without your phone number or email. All you have to do is use your Facebook profile to log in to Instagram. You will need to log in with your FB profile. Also, you can use a PC if you have saved access to the FB profile if you do not remember the password and login from this social network. This method will be effective if your Instagram profile is linked to your Facebook account.

Get Help Logging In

If your profile is not linked to Facebook, there is no access to a phone number or email, there is another way to help restore your profile. On the main page, select "get help logging in". Then select "need more help". To restore your profile, you will need to fill in the appropriate fields and provide answers to all questions.

Note that it is important to provide as much information as possible for the support team to restore access to your profile. Depending on the data you share, the support team will decide whether to restore your profile or not.

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Pay attention that this is the most time-consuming method since the support service can process your application for about 14 days. The result will also depend on how detailed the data you provide for profile recovery is.

Use the Other IG Profiles

If you have several Instagram profiles that you registered using the same phone number or email, then you should try to restore access to one of them. Linked accounts can give you back access to all your profiles. Perhaps you will remember the password and login from another page and thereby be able to regain access to several profiles.

For example, some users create a personal profile and a business account using the same registration information. Remembering the one profile’s data can be much easier, and thus you can access your business profile.

Change an Email

The last way to restore your Instagram account is to create a new email and change it for your IG profile. If you do not have access to the mail and phone number that you used during registration, you should create a new email.

When you have a new email ready, contact Instagram support and indicate that you have changed your email address to a new one. At the same time, it is significant to have the name of the previous email as well as the login of your IG profile. Considering the application will take some time, so you need to be prepared to wait.

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Wrapping Up

These tips will help you restore your IG profile if there is no access to your email or phone number. After restoring access, do not forget to update your data and link your profile to your current email and phone number. Also, save your credentials in a safe place to have no issues with your account registration in the future.

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