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TypeScript VS JavaScript - Which One Should You Consider?

This is a recent question raised by several programmers across the internet. But it is worth considering as a valid question if you are looking to hire JavaScript developers and TypeScript developers for your project. Coming to the point, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that comprises all the features of JavaScript and a few extra peaks too! TypeScript helps you save time in cleaning your code and makes it more scalable than ever!

Wait! Don’t rush to a conclusion very early! This guide helps you understand why you need to consider TypeScript programmers even though you have already collaborated with a JavaScript programmer. Continue reading!

TypeScript VS JavaScript

Why is TypeScript Developed?

It was the time when JavaScript programmers were blooming across the world. Initially, certified JavaScript developers used JavaScript as a client-side programming language. But some JavaScript developers have discovered that JavaScript can also be used as a server-side programming language.

So, experts started hiring JavaScript developers to handle these tasks. This heavy use made the language more complex so that it could not even be employed to satisfy the needs of object-oriented programming.

To bridge this gap, TypeScript got a mass entry into this programming world to bridge this gap!

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Why Hire JavaScript Developers?

1. Being the most preferred programming language, a certified JavaScript developer can create, add, and modify infinite features on the web pages you desire. Your projects will become super easy to complete!

2. Whereas a junior JavaScript developer can handle and resolve as many tasks as you assign that is wholly packed with unique nature, libraries and frameworks. All your basic level work will be completed very soon!

3. If you want to hire JavaScript developers to work on UI/UX, you can choose a front-end JavaScript developer who’s well versed in a specific framework, handle user experience, and design web servers and applications.

4. Hire JavaScript developers who can handle prototyping and can build apps end-to-end. It is not recommended to hire a junior JavaScript developer who is well-versed in database server management (back-end) or a front-end JavaScript developer who can develop only UI/UX (front-end). Still, a mixture of both will work for sure! Full-stack JavaScript developers are superheroes here!
Why Hire TypeScript Developers?

1. If you are looking for a JavaScript developer who needs to handle fully interactive user interfaces, you have to choose a person with more experience. But a TypeScript developer can handle all the complex tasks with simple tactics.

2. Hiring JavaScript developers is suitable for many web projects. But, if you want to handle as many complex codes and data, a TypeScript developer will be your better choice.

TypeScript VS JavaScript?

This section lists the primary differences between JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages. In the end, you will get a clear view of a few aspects that make them unique.
What Makes TypeScript Special?

1. TypeScript does not significantly differ from JavaScript, but it is used to develop more extensive applications.

2. It supports object-oriented programming techniques and supports several features like namespaces, classes, interfaces, inheritance, etc.

3. Static typing is possible in TypeScript, and the code is easy to debug during compilation.

4. Easy to maintain and improvise the project.

5. Easy and earlier detection of errors.

6. Supports full-fledged IDE (Integrated Development Environment) feature.

7. Has exceptional interoperability proficiencies when compared to other programming languages.

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Is JavaScript Equally Special?

1. It is one of the most popular core technologies that plays an integral part in web application development.

2. It is a high-level programming language, and the syntax of JavaScript is similar to Java with similar libraries.

3. JavaScript programmers enjoy Just-in-Time compiler support and dynamic typing.

4. Many tech giants like Uber, Facebook, Activision, and Netflix struggle to resource JavaScript developers because of their high demand.

5. A certified JavaScript developer can handle both front-end and back-end implementations.

When to Hire JavaScript Developers?

1. You can choose to prefer JavaScript developers when you are already dealing with a project that has a stable testing workflow.

2. Front-end JavaScript developers can be the best choice for small web projects and teams.

3. JavaScript developers will be the best choice when you are in a situation to manage your project without any significant assistance from great tools and codes.

4. Few frameworks do not support TypeScript. So, if you want to imply the case with the available frameworks and libraries, full-stack JavaScript developers are of a great deal!

When to Hire TypeScript Developers?

1. Hire a TypeScript developer, if you are dealing with a giant project that requires to hire multiple JavaScript developers urgently, but you can’t!

2. If you are beginning a brand new novel project that employs concepts of React and other similar tactics, well-trained TypeScript programmers can save you time rather than a certified JavaScript developer.

3. Since TypeScript favors compile-time validation techniques and enhanced error-checking features, Turing Hire would suggest you blindly choose this programming language instead of relying on a full-stack JavaScript developer.

TypeScript vs. JavaScript: One-to-One Comparison



Solely developed to reduce the complexity of codes and projects.

Helps to create dynamic and enhanced web page content.

You can find and sort the errors in the code during the compilation itself.

Being an interpreted language, the errors can be found and sorted out only during run time.

Supports static and dynamic typing.

Does not support static typing.

Can be converted to JS codes that can be used for browsers.

JavaScript codes can be directly used for browser support processes.

Libraries and codes from JavaScript can be used without any changes or alterations.

Libraries and codes work by default.

Modules, generics, and interfaces to define data are easily supported.

No proper support for modules, generics, or interfaces.

Functions may employ optional parameters.

Functions may not employ optional parameters.

Numbers and strings are known as interfaces.

Numbers and strings are known as objects.

Suitable for large projects.

Suitable for simple web and browser applications.

Community support is not much greater.

Amazing community support with documentation.

Supports prototyping

Does not support prototyping.

Prior scripting knowledge is mandatory.

No prior scripting knowledge is needed. You can start your journey straight away as a junior JavaScript developer if you have the basic knowledge.

A proper build setup is required.

Proper build setup is not required

To Wrap Up…

When comparing TypeScript VS JavaScript, review would suggest that, if you are working on a relatively small project, then hire JavaScript developers with a team of junior JavaScript developers, full-stack JavaScript developers, and front-end JavaScript developers. This is fair enough! On the other hand, if you require expert support and a well-developed team, then choose a TypeScript programmer.

There may not be any major differences between JavaScript and TypeScript since both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So choose wisely and happy coding!

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