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Airteltez Portal Login - Airtel Payment Bank Login 2024

Most probably, everyone using a mobile phone must be aware of the Airtel network. The best payment option on the market is Airteltez, which the company created for the convenience and support of its loyal customers. With many advantages for consumers and merchants, Airtel introduces this UPI payment option. The users of this simple payment method are not required to exchange or transfer their basic bank information. It protects them from a variety of risks and market scams. Anyone may manage the daily and monthly payments with the help of this simple payment transfer solution. In this post, you will see the Airteltez portal login process and other things:


    Advantages of Airteltez Portal

    The following requirements can be satisfied by a user doing actions on the Airteltez website:

    • Users can access AePS, recharges, bill payments, deposits, and money transfers.
    • Airtel Payment app asks users to deposit money for gas, electricity, and mobile recharges.
    • Users of this software can open a bank account. The software also supports VBD and provides a range of policy settings.
    • You can conduct financial activities without a bank account.

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    Steps for Airteltez login

    Many retailers and distributors of the Airtel network said that this Airteltez portal is highly useful.

    • Step 1: To use the Airtel Portal, the user should go to Google and type it into the search bar. A new page with the Airtel Tez Login URL will open after performing the search.
    • Step 2: If the user doesn't register, they need to click the Signup button to be directed to a new page.
    • Step 3: Type in the retailer's mobile number and click "Get OTP."
    • Step 4: The user's registered phone number will receive the One-time password via the Airtel portal. The user needs to enter and verify the obtained OTP number. Following the validation of the OTP, users should create a password and complete the signup process.
    • Step 5: After finishing the signup process, users should go back to the Airteltez new Portal login page and log in using their cellphone number and password.
    • Step 6: After logging in to the Airteltez New Portal Dashboard, the portal will make way for the user's executable pages. The user is prompted to check for Distributor or UPI as alternatives when the new page loads and updates their balance information.
    • Step 7: To finish the transaction, the user must select the money transfer option and provide the LAPU number.
    • Step 8: Customers have the choice to withdraw cash from any bank. Using biometric devices and selecting the cash withdrawal option allows one to make a "cash withdrawal."
    • Step 9: Similarly, the user can deposit or drop cash by choosing the cash drop or cash deposit option.
    • Step 10: Cash deposits and withdrawals are also possible using Aadhaar.

    How to deal with AirtelTez Forget Password

    You can create and use the Airteltez portal using the steps mentioned earlier. But what will you do when you forget the password? Here are the points for that:

    • Step 1: First, access the company's official website.
    • Step 2: Enter your registered mobile number, and an OTP will be generated and sent to your phone.
    • Step 3: After the OTP has been produced, type it and enter the new password to re-login.

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    Requirements for becoming an Airtel retailer

    You must fulfill the following qualifications to become an Airtel Retailer:

    • The aspirant must be greater than the age of 18. Additionally, the applicant must have at least a 10th-class background.
    • The applicant must own a business and have a bank account.
    • Papers must be submitted, including Aadhaar and Pan Cards.
    • The applicant must have both an email address and a phone number.

    Lists of Airtel Retailer Work Procedure

    • After gaining permission to open the retailership, the distributor will assign a LAPU SIM.
    • The accepted candidate must insert a LAPU SIM card into the phone and restart it before they can use it.
    • The distributor will gradually activate the LAPU SIM number before starting a call from the Airtel Corporation.
    • The company will outline the workplace culture and give the store permission to start operating following the laid out norms of the Airtel Company.

    Final words:

    The finest payment option available is Airteltez, developed by the company for the comfort and security of its regular customers. Follow the steps and gain the benefits of the Airteltez portal effectively.

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