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Best Online Apps to Learn Russian With the Tutor

Nowadays, smartphone capabilities are not much different from computer ones. You can install various programs on it. We want to recommend some useful apps with which you can learn Russian. It should be said right away that we are talking about applications developed for the Android operating system. But if you're using a different approach, you'll be able to use many of them without a problem.

    Learn Russian With the Tutor

    There is a classification of programs for learning the Russian language, dividing them into several categories according to some criteria. One of the features is the target audience. Some applications help foreigners learn Russian, while others are designed for native Russian speakers, schoolchildren, and students. The differences between these applications are pretty significant and mainly relate to the interface.

    In addition, applications are also divided into:

    • Dictionaries. Here you can easily and quickly translate a particular word. You can also find some dictionaries' transcriptions and an explanatory picture. They differ in the number of words.
    • Phrase books. These applications contain relevant and frequently used phrases and expressions in Russian that will be useful to you when communicating, with translation and explanations.
    • Specialized. Designed for a specific area of ​​the Russian language, for example, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, etc.
    • Currently, you can find many applications of all types, so we will consider only the most popular ones in more detail. It should be borne in mind that some of the programs described below are paid.

    There are many best ways to learn Russian with a tutor. This includes personal lessons, group classes, audio and video aids, various manuals, materials, educational literature, etc. But now, in this article, we want to tell you how you can use your phone to learn Russian.


    They were designed to study lexical units, phrases, and speech utterances. This application has a relatively simple scheme for learning new vocabulary. A new word is introduced in Russian with an English translation and is accompanied by a picture for quick memorization, activating visual and semantic memory.

    There you can not only find people by studying and native languages, age, or country of residence but also look at notes on user pages. Users have the opportunity to keep a personal blog about their progress in learning the language.

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    Aimed at providing users with the conditions for memorizing lexical and grammatical material using standard tasks that repeat lexical units and speech patterns. The user is invited to familiarize himself with the material of thematic lessons, which can be conditionally divided into two large groups: grammar and words.


    This application is prevalent among foreigners due to its efficiency and ease of use. It includes about 30 lessons containing texts and audio recordings. In addition, there is an alphabet and a dictionary. With the help of audio lectures, you can learn Russian without interrupting your daily activities. In the texts, you will find more than 800 of the most used Russian words, and the complicated tasks will occur gradually from lesson to lesson. This application is still in development. Learning with it is interesting and exciting.

    Russian Practice

    An ideal solution for those who want to control their knowledge of the Russian language. It contains a large number of various exercises, including texts and written assignments. Grammar reference and dictionary included. Classes are divided according to difficulty.

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    Verb conjugation and noun declension. These are two separate, narrowly focused applications. They are reference books that contain all the necessary information on these two topics. It will be beneficial when doing written exercises.

    Russian Grammar

    There are several applications with this name. As you can see from the title, they are intended for teaching and practicing in the direction of the grammar of the Russian language. We advise you to consider several options and choose the best for yourself.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible in one article to tell about all the unique applications for learning the Russian language. We recommend you try different programs based on user reviews and popularity to achieve the best results in mastering the Russian language. But do not forget that even the most advanced applications cannot replace your lessons with a professional teacher in a Russian-speaking country. We are waiting for you!

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