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Top 5 Tips For Promoting Your Webinar On Instagram

Webinars are counted among the most powerful forms of content on the internet that have high conversion rates. In recent times, their popularity increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic as many businesses, firms, organizations, and such switched to delivering their content online.

A webinar can be instrumental in promoting you and the products or services you offer. Your current and potential clients will have the chance to familiarize themselves with your business in-depth.

However, making sure your webinar succeeds takes some marketing and patience. You want to ensure that people sign up for the event and act on the call that you give out. Thankfully, there are a number of practices and strategies that you can use to ensure that it happens.

    Engaging Captions

    Instagram is a visual-heavy platform but users can still put up captions along with their posts. This allows posters to talk about the topic at hand in a bit more detail than a regular post allows. Something to make sure of is to not go overboard. This is a caption and not a blog post. Keep things simple and precise.

    Speak to your audience directly regarding the issue they are facing and offer your webinar as the solution. Say how your webinar will help them solve their issues and problems and offer a registration link where they can sign up to attend.

    Make Posters And Flyers

    Instagram is a visual platform where pictures and short videos dominate in terms of content. Since you will be promoting on Instagram, you will do so using posters and flyers for your webinar. The details to share here are the event date, time, topic, and other relevant information. Less is more, so avoid cluttering the flyer or poster with text.

    You can use the various tools available online to create them such as PosterMyWall. You can find hundreds of professionally made templates for flyers and posters on PosterMyWall which you can edit and modify for your poster for your webinar.

    Heartbeats InCo used a similar poster to advertise their webinar. They shared the event topic, the date and time of the event, the guest speakers, and their details along with a registration link.


    Make A Video Advertisement

    Videos allow you to say what you would be unable to do with just text and images. A short video giving a small teaser of your webinar to the public feels more personal and direct. If you have some well-known guest speakers who will feature in your webinar, then you can ask them to record short clips that you can share on your Instagram feed or stories for promoting your event.

    You don’t need to be an expert videographer or video editor to make a video ad for your webinar. The internet has plenty of services available that will allow you to do it with a few clicks. PosterMyWall is one such app. It allows you to edit and add graphics and animations taking your teaser videos to the next level. You can choose from hundreds of pre-existing templates or create something of your own from scratch.

    Instagram user Alex Koloskov made a short and simple video teaser talking about his upcoming webinar. The caption contains some further details along with information on where attendees can sign up for the event.

    Keywords And Hashtags

    To make your webinar a success, you will need people to sign up and attend it. Of course, your dedicated follower base will attend, but to convert new people to your event, you will need to use keywords and hashtags to rank higher in searches.

    Do some basic keyword research regarding your topic for a list of words to focus on in your captions. Also, include hashtags relevant to your event and even start a new hashtag trend around your business and the webinar to make it easier to find it.

    Showoff Testimonials

    Social proof is crucial for the success of your event. The audience will be more likely to attend your webinar when they have testimonials available from past attendees and clients. Screenshots of emails, social media posts, and perhaps even short testimonial videos can inspire your audience to sign up for your upcoming webinar.

    Post these on your Instagram stories and reels. You can post these on your main feed, but it is better to keep that uncluttered and focused.

    Although these strategies are geared towards Instagram, they can be adapted for use over any social media platform. Instagram offers greater versatility in terms of content and also allows you to crosspost on Facebook whenever you make a post. With how social media algorithms are designed, consistency is key to making an impact on the scene. Remain consistent in posting content regarding your webinar, give your audience a good experience, and your event will surely be a success.

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