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Guide to Becoming an Online Tutor

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” -Elliott Masie

The advancement of technology and the availability of the internet has made it possible to do just that. Today the tutors don’t have to leave their house inorder to teach and nor do the students need to travel a distance to get educated. Today we are blessed to get education and to upskill ourselves from any corner of the world and at any given age, all thanks to the internet, technology and online teaching platforms.

This wave of future, that is, online tutoring, has in fact grown 900% globally since its birth. And that’s testimony that this isn’t a change that is limited to the pandemic times, rather it's a change here to stay and grow. And now with the government recognising e-learning too, it is anything but temporary.

And with the world being so inclined towards this advancement, it sure is a good avenue to venture into. However, it can be quite a challenge for those new at it, hence here is a step-to-step guide for you to become an online tutor!

    Guide to Becoming an Online Tutor

    a) Determine the Requirements

    Before you start anything, it is pivotal that you do thorough research and analyze different factors pertaining to the subject matter. Make sure that you know about all the requirements, pros and cons, etc. Also make sure that you have answers to vital questions such as, who your audience are, what your USP is, how you can compete in the market, etc.

    Also, determine your niche. Know for sure what you're good at and can pass on further.

    b) Know your Audience

    While you do your research, make sure to also find out about your target audience. Firsty, make sure that there are students that want to learn the skill that you wish to teach.

    Are there students that need your help? And are they waiting for someone like you for help? These are the 2 most vital questions you need to ask yourself when looking for an audience.

    c) Finalize your Topic

    Once you know your niche and your audience’s requirements, you can finalize your topic. A topic which is a perfect combination of skills that you can impart and what your audience wishes to learn.

    d) Choose and set your Course

    Once the topic is finalized, next, work on setting your course. That is to structure a well-defined curriculum. This will help you be more uniform and in control of your plan, and it will also help your students know exactly what they would learn from you, thus, attracting them to your course.

    e) Choose the right Online Platform

    As an online tutor, there would be quite a few tasks that you have to handle, like taking live classes, attendance, collecting fees etc. And moving from one app to another for these can get tiring and time-consuming. Hence, it would be a lot more efficient and effective for you to invest in an online teaching app!

    Make sure that the e-platform you choose has all the features to make your journey simpler. An LMS software is most recommended for it is feature-rich and would help you keep complete track of a student and their progress.

    f) Set the Price Right

    Price does play a major role for both your profits and for your students. Most students consider the price before enrolling themselves for a course. So make sure that you price it right. Few points to remember are:

    • See what price your target audience is willing to pay.
    • Compare it with your competitors.
    • Quantify the value your students would achieve.

    g) Advertise your Online Course

    Lastly, marketing it right is just as important. Marketing yourself will expand your market and help you gain recognition amongst your target audience. Your visibility will strengthen the trust in your brand in the minds of your audience.

    And in the present day, Social-media is a good platform to carry out the same. A study shows that 71% of adults with internet access use social media. And the right online teaching platform would help you with digital marketing too, so make sure you choose the right platform.

    Sure, time is money, but also understand that it is natural for you to take a little while to pick up and grow your business. Know your objective, keep working hard and sooner than later you will reap the outcome!

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