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What are the Top 3 Tools to Check Plagiarism from Your Research Papers?

While writing a research paper, it is always tempting to plagiarize some of your ideas and information. However, plagiarism is not your friend because it acts like an eco pest for your academic integrity.

So, no one wants to be accused of cheating. But how can you check your academic document for plagiarism? That’s where this post will prove helpful.

This post discusses the top 3 tools to check plagiarism from your research papers. Also, it will answer your confusion regarding plagiarism checking in research papers. So, without wasting any time, let’s delve into this discussion.

List of the Top 3 Tools to Check Plagiarism from Your Research Papers:

Tools to Check Plagiarism

    A) Free Online Plagiarism Checker – Check-Plagiarism

    The first tool on this list is ideal for those who want to check the integrity of their lengthy research papers for free.

    This free plagiarism checker from Check-Plagiarism is a freemium tool that scans and compares the uploaded content against billions of online web pages.

    As this tool is a freemium plagiarism checker, it allows you to check the plagiarism of 2000 words for free. However, if you want to scan a document of more than 2000 words, you will have to purchase its premium plan.

    Unlike the other free plagiarism checkers, the developers of this tool have specifically made this tool for academic purposes. So, it is the best free plagiarism checker for research papers and other educational documents.

    This factor is the primary reason for putting this tool in the first spot. Now, let’s discuss the significant advantages this free plagiarism checker brings to the table.

    Why to Use This Plagiarism Checker?

    • This free plagiarism detector contains one of the fastest plagiarism-checking engines, which means it brings the results within a few minutes.
    • Like most plagiarism detectors, if you want to check plagiarism with this tool, you can:
    • ➔ Upload the document file
    • ➔ Type the content.
    • ➔ Paste the copied text.
    • According to the official website, this tool does not save or share the uploaded content. So, the data you upload into this tool is entirely safe.
    • The interface of this free plagiarism checker is ideal for beginners, as it has no learning curve.
    • This free plagiarism checker from Check Plagiarism is advanced enough to check the plagiarism from five document files (.doc, .docx, .pdf and .txt) simultaneously.
    • You can add a web page URL to the ‘Exclude URL’ box to exclude a specific URL while checking plagiarism through this tool.

    Although this check plagiarism software has made the first spot on this list, it is essential to discuss its weak points. So, let’s get to them.

    Major deal-breakers of Check-Plagiarism

    • There is no option for uploading the document file directly from Google Drive.

    B) Plagiarism Checker – Prepostseo

    Here comes another good tool for checking plagiarism and fortunately, this plagiarism checker is very authentic.

    Prepostseo is the pioneer in producing free-to-use tools for students, bloggers and web admins. So, its plagiarism checking software is among its most used tools.

    The Plagiarism Checker of Prepostseo is an efficient tool that allows visitors to check the plagiarism of 1000 words for free. But if you are a free-registered user, you can use this tool to check the authenticity of 1500 words.

    Like most modern tools, this tool relies on its deep searching technique and advanced AI algorithms. It scans the uploaded content and compares it with the student’s archived thesis and other online materials to find proof of plagiarized content.

    If the tool finds any plagiarized content, it will provide the original links of that content, making it easier for the students to navigate to the (original) sources of copied information.

    Now, let’s discuss how the Plagiarism Checker of Prepostseo can help you check your research paper’s integrity through its advantages.

    Why This Plagiarism Checker?

    • One of the primary reasons to prefer the Plagiarism Checker of Prepostseo over other tools is its ability to extract the content directly from Google Drive.
    • Prepostseo comes with the best plagiarism remover software. So, if its plagiarism detector finds any traces of plagiarism in your content, you can use its built-in rephrasing and rewriting tools to remove plagiarism from your content.
    • The plagiarism detection engine of this tool is nearly as powerful as the first tool because it can also detect all types of plagiarism, including paraphrasing and accidental plagiarism.
    • The UI (User Interface) of Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is more attractive than the first tool. But besides having an attractive UI, the simple-to-use UI of this tool makes it an ideal fit for inexperienced users.
    • Like the first tool, you can also exclude the URLs of web pages while performing a scan for plagiarism through this tool.
    • Another reason to prefer this tool over the first option is its ability to check plagiarism in multiple languages. So, this tool is a universal plagiarism checker.
    • Once the Plagiarism Checker of PrePostSEO has completed the scan for plagiarism, it will present the users with the percentages of unique and plagiarized content. Moreover, this tool will underline the plagiarized phrases, making it easier for the users to find traces of plagiarism in lengthy documents.
    • Students can download the generated plagiarism report of this tool in HTML and PDF formats.
    • Like Check Plagiarism, Prepostseo also respects your privacy. So, it doesn’t share the uploaded content with other third-party tools.
    • You can use its browser extension to use the functionalities of Prepostseo without accessing the official website.
    • Prepostseo has an android and iOS application, making it easier for smartphone users to access its tool.

    But is the Plagiarism Checker of Prepostseo a perfect tool for everyone? Let’s find the answer to this question through the major drawbacks of this tool.
    Major drawbacks of using this plagiarism checker

    • This plagiarism detector only allows the students to check the plagiarism of 1500 words for free. So, this length is not ideal for research papers. It is even worse than the first tool.
    • Prepostseo is not a research-paper dedicated plagiarism detector, which is the major reason for putting this tool in the second spot. Still, its plagiarism engine provides good results.

    C) Plagiarism Checker – Editpad

    The last tool on this list is a free plagiarism detector because it has no hidden premium plans.

    Like Prepostseo, Editpad is another useful website that provides several handy tools for free. And the plagiarism-checking software of is among its most popular tools.

    The Plagiarism Checker of is an online web utility that finds traces of plagiarism in uploaded content by comparing it against online published materials. This tool is another multilingual plagiarism checker. However, unlike the second tool, it is entirely free.

    Editpad’s Plagiarism Checker relies on its online database and published materials to identify if the uploaded content is original. Moreover, it uses deep searching and advanced AI algorithms to check the uploaded content for plagiarism.

    But let’s hover over the other fortes of Editpad’s Plagiarism Checker to identify the worth of this tool in academia.

    Why This Plagiarism Checker?

    • Like the second tool, the Plagiarism Checker of allows students to check the plagiarism of research papers written in multiple languages.
    • The Plagiarism Checker of is another research paper-dedicated tool, which is the primary reason for including this tool in this list.
    • also provides different methods of uploading the text into its Plagiarism Checker. For example, you can:
    • Upload the document file (‘.docx,’ ‘.doc,’ ‘.txt’ and ‘.pdf’).
    • Type the text from scratch.
    • Paste the copied text.
    • Once this Plagiarism Checker has finished the scan for plagiarism, it will provide the users with the original links of copied information and the percentage of copied text from each web page.
    • This tool also allows its users to download the generated plagiarism report.

    But like the first and second tools, the Plagiarism Checker of has some prominent drawbacks. So, let’s hover over some factors that might be significant deal-breakers of this tool.

    Some deal-breakers of This Plagiarism Checker

    • There is no option for uploading the document file directly from Google Drive.
    • Students can only check the plagiarism of 1000 words with this tool.

    Bottom Line

    It is no secret that it can be pretty tricky to write a research paper without being caught for plagiarism. An academic paper without errors is one way for students to show their writing and research skills to their teachers. However, writing an error-free document is challenging because there is always room for improvement.

    Moreover, while writing, there is always the risk that your document may get pulled at some point, primarily if its wording is based on someone else’s work or information. In such a case, you could face big problems and possible academic difficulties such as losing marks and failing your course.

    Thanks to the three discussed tools, you can ensure that your research paper doesn’t contain any possible duplication. Thus, read the above guide thoroughly to pick the best plagiarism checker according to your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    1. How do you check for plagiarism in a research paper?

    The only way to check for plagiarism in a research paper or any other document is using plagiarism detectors. So, you can use the check plagiarism software to make sure whether your research paper is free of plagiarism or not.

    2. What is a plagiarism tool?

    A plagiarism tool is a piece of software that runs deep searching algorithms on the uploaded content and compares it against online published materials to find any portions of plagiarized content.

    After running the scan for plagiarism, the tool will highlight the plagiarized parts and provide the users with sources of plagiarized information. This way, users can check the (original) source of the plagiarized information.

    3. Which tools do universities use to check for plagiarism?

    Most universities and other academic institutes use the Turnitin plagiarism checker because it is more than a plagiarism checker.

    • It provides a comprehensive plagiarism report that helps in finding plagiarism occurrences.
    • Apart from plagiarism detection, it also helps remove the occurrences of plagiarism, which is why it is the best plagiarism remover software.

    However, it is not ideal for individuals because Turnitin only provides access to institutes.

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