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Top Marketing Tactics for All Real Estate Agents

Real estate is big business. However, to reap its benefits, you must ensure to adopt top-notch marketing tactics. Employing these tricks will ensure that you wade through the stagnating factors in this industry, such as economic conditions and interest rates. That said, here are the top marketing tactics that all real estate agents could benefit from.

    Create a Marketing Plan Early

    To become an expert in real estate, you must create your marketing plan early. By creating an appropriate business plan, you set yourself up for success. Proper planning entails a couple of things, including expenses, business risks, as well as contingencies.


    With these things in place, you will easily navigate the market because you'll follow proven steps. If you fail to plan early, you plan to fail. Ensure to set a budget in the early stages of your business plan to help you accommodate everything in the next financial year.

    You can also identify the properties you would like to invest in and set a plan on how to acquire each one.

    Budget Like a Pro

    Most importantly, you have to set aside a budget. If you don't want to fail, set a monthly budget to enable you to sail through everything seamlessly, including the hurdles in the industry. Not only should you budget for your marketing expenses but also ensure to stick to it.

    Keep in mind that the real estate business is diverse. Therefore, you'll have hundreds of avenues you could channel your money into. The most important thing is to ensure that you spend according to your target audience.

    And the only way to do that correctly is with a budget. Besides, setting a budget keeps you on track with your business plan, and it prevents you from spending on unnecessary things.

    Focus on 1 – 2 Types of Marketing

    Marketing is crucial to any business, including real estate. However, a common mistake real estate agents make when marketing is trying to accomplish everything at once. The trick herein is to focus on your strengths and focus on one to two types of marketing channels.

    Remember, the marketing channels you select have to be tailored to your target audience. For example, the marketing channels you would use for clients in an urban setting are different from those in rural areas. One of the most effective marketing channels is email campaigns.

    You can send a monthly newsletter to your target audience. When employing this tactic, you could reach out to different contacts when new property listings come up. To make this efficient, you could incorporate images of these properties to show potential clients what they're in for.

    Additionally, you could do a virtual staging of the property. Alternatively, you can market through social media channels like Instagram. Instagram is an excellent platform that runs paid promotions. Besides, it has numerous users who access it regularly.

    Herein, you could post captivating images of a property and even promote your listings. Moreover, paid Instagram ads enable you to select a target audience, type of post, budget, and length of your promotion. And the best part? You can rely on targeted hashtags, ensuring that every post reaches the intended audience.

    Be Consistent with Your Marketing

    Although real estate continuously changes, consistency is key. Being successful in real estate requires branding yourself as an expert. Beings consistent is one way to do this, and it makes you stand out among the rest. Even if you decide to use a new marketing strategy, ensure to keep it running long enough.

    That way, you'll easily determine whether the chosen strategy converts potential customers. If it doesn't, you'll know the changes you need to make to guarantee its effectiveness.

    However, even as you maintain consistency, it would be wrong to leave your promotion running for too long without making adjustments or tracking it. Fortunately, online campaigns allow you to track efficiently, letting you make proper modifications.

    There are several ways through which you could stay ahead of your target audience even when they don't have a listing. For instance, you could send a market update postcard to keep them in check. Alternatively, you can constantly update your social media content.

    Follow-Up is Everything

    Usually, only a small percentage of sales are made after initial contact. That's why you need to follow up on your leads to ensure your marketing efforts pay off. However, you have to be strategic about your follow-up tactics to avoid coming out too strongly.

    Luckily, there are several follow-up tactics that work effectively. First, you need to segment your leads. That's because different leads are impacted by different types of messaging. You should segment your leads into about three groups – cold, warm, and hot.

    The reason you need to segment them this way is because a hot lead doesn't need as much follow-up as a cold one. It allows you to treat each lead appropriately. Additionally, you must ensure to respond in a timely fashion.

    When you reach out as soon as a new lead comes in, it makes them feel like your agency cares, therefore, is likely to convert them. To accomplish this, write a welcome or thank you email or use call tracking and call them within 12 to 24 hours. Most importantly, answer any question that the lead may have.

    Answering appropriately demonstrates your agency's care and attention. Apart from connecting your leads to what they require, you must demonstrate excellent customer service. You must be cordial and never rush your lead. Take them slow through all they need.

    By doing this, your business shows your potential leads your level of care. Besides, everyone wants to be treated warmly, and your level of service greatly determines whether the lead stays or abandons ship.


    Establishing a prosperous real estate business takes proper tactics and time. You must strategize appropriately to ensure you achieve your goals. This post has listed some of the top marketing tactics for all real estate agents, including early planning and budgeting like a pro.

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