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Unpacking The Difference Between Organic And Paid Facebook Views

    Our obsession with social media has grown, especially for Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform where we can post anything we want. Whatever we post on Facebook gets views, likes, and comments. Views on Facebook are a three-second watch by people. The number of likes on Facebook indicates the number of people liking your post.

    Facebook Views

    People share their opinion about it through comments. While discussing views on Facebook, we must understand the meaning of organic and paid views. You don't need to spend money on organic Facebook views to promote your post. Contrary to that, you have to pay money to promote your post in the case of Paid Facebook Views.

    People are learning a lot through Facebook posts, especially tutorials, motivational videos, tips posts, memes and more. Why share it with a limited audience if you can reach the most? Facebook also have some set policy for it.

    Let's check Facebook's policy on views:

    Facebook policy on views and how it works

    Views are the marketing agents of social media. It refers to the number of people watching a video from your account on any social media platform. For marketers, this serves as a marketing tool to check the spread of their messages to the targeted number of people.

    Facebook considers the view as a 3-second watch after the autoplay.

    Some ways, like Likes, comments, and shares, ensure genuine views.

    The Facebook ranking works upon your Account reach, views, and impressions, like:

    1. Page views: How often people view a profile or page is calculated and monitored here!

    2. Reach: The number of people seeing your page content or about your page comes under reach.

    3. Impression: The number of times content from your page pops up on a person's screen pops as an impression.

    Here, we will discuss more about organic Facebook views and Paid Facebook views:

    Organic Facebook Views

    What do we mean by Organic Facebook Views?

    When people who follow your Facebook page view and share your post with others, and you do not pay for it, it comes under organic Facebook Views. Your existing followers can see, like and comment on your post. They can also share your post with others, which may become viral. This whole process takes place without spending a single penny.

    Advantages of organic Facebook Views.

    • You don't spend a single penny on your posts. If you post about your daily life or some videos on Facebook, you will not have to pay to get it viewed. People can view, like, or comment on your post without you paying any money to Facebook.
    • You can communicate with a large audience. Your existing followers can share your post with others, which may become viral online. It is an excellent opportunity to become famous.

    Disadvantages of organic Facebook Views.

    • You cannot control the type of audience you want to share your post with. The audience can belong to any age group and can be of any gender. You cannot control that.

    For example - you want to show your content only to people belonging to the age group of 20-30 years, then it is not possible in organic views.

    • You cannot set any specific location for your views or show your post to only people from a particular location. Your post is available for everyone to see. If you want your post to hit the people of Delhi directly and do not want it to reach other states, it is impossible in organic views.
    • Only your existing followers can share your posts. In this way, it limits people from sharing your post.
    • Irrespective of good posts, you may feel demotivated in the long run when you don't get the desired views.

    How to use organic Facebook views?

    Organic views are best if you want day-to-day interaction with your followers. You can post pictures and videos about yourself and keep your followers updated. It will be a wrong idea to promote any big product, business plan, or service post with the help of organic views because only your existing followers can share about your advertisement, and the progress will be very slow. The case will be different if you own a vast number of followers, then, you may promote it through organic views, but again, your post will reach those who know you already. Promoting anything through organic views will be bad if you have fewer followers.

    Paid Facebook Views

    What do we mean by Paid Facebook Views?
    It is known as Paid Facebook views when you pay to Facebook or any third- party to increase the views. In this case, your post is even visible to those who do not follow you. Nowadays, people get inspired by the things they see online. Therefore, follow this pattern to promote your business. FBPostLikes is one such site that helps you to gain views with ease. The accounts from which they deliver these Facebook views are real and active. Hence you win engagement in return. They have different packages to meet your demand without burdening your budget.

    Advantages of Paid Facebook Views

    • Your profile looks better with a better reach. Remember, people hit more to the account with a better reach than the one with less. You must have visited the profile of any person whose post was shared by your acquaintance and many more. Actually, you end up getting huge engagement.
    • You can specify the location of the viewers.

    For example - Let's assume you want your post to be shown only to the people of West Bengal; it is possible in Paid Facebook views.

    • Sometimes it is essential for boosting you up.
    • You can also specifically show your post to people familiar with your post category.
    • For example, if your post is about clothes, you can specifically show it to only those interested in buying those clothes.
    • You are also allowed to control your Audience in paid views. You can show your post to only people belonging to a particular gender or a particular age group.
    • For example - if you post about a feminine product and want your advertisement only to be shown to women, then it is possible in paid views.
    • You can also decide the number of people you want your post to be visible. It allows you to reach as much engagement as you want.

    Disadvantages of Paid Facebook views

    • The only disadvantage of paid Facebook Views is that you must pay an amount.
    • How to use paid Facebook views?
    • If you want to promote your post quickly to many people, then paid Facebook Views are the best way possible. It connects you, quickly promotes your business to many people, and is very beneficial. But if you are looking for daily interaction with people, you should not use paid views as it will not value your money. For paid Facebook views, you have to pay quite a large amount of money, but if you do not have any strategic business plan, you should not use it. It will only make you suffer a heavy loss in that case. People with a good and strategic business plan should only use it.

    Wrapping up

    Facebook views are helping you to earn and learn, but if you are consistent with your posts. Selecting the kind of view entirely depends upon your requirement. Good content always leads the race, so try to curate something which no one thought of before or touched the heart. In this case, even a small push through paid views can make it viral. You need to look for alternate and multiple ways to attract people to your post, like sharing the same link on social media. You can share the posts on the platform like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and more. There are several more ways to interact. Just keep exploring. Use catchy words or create thrill in your posts to ensure that you get maximum Facebook video views or post views.

    It is up to you to choose any one amongst them. If you have a good and strategic business plan, you should opt for paid views to advertise it. I hope the difference between organic and paid Facebook views and hope you can decide which one is better for you next time. Just remember to create posts regularly to gain the most views.

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