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Proof Of Employment And Why You Need It

    It is important that when you are employed, you can keep track of many things. Your paycheck stubs can show you both proof of your employment and how much income you have.

    If you are new to working for someone else, this article will explain what a pay stub is and how it can be useful to keep these safe.


    How often to check?

    How often do you think you would need to check your pay stubs? Monthly, every quarter or every year? It is advised that every time you get a check stub, you make sure that the information is correct.

    It is important to check that your pay stubs are addressed to you, with the name you use and your current home address. This will be important if you ever need to use your pay stubs as proof of address or identity.

    It is very important to keep your checkstubs safe and regularly check them. Not only to make sure your pay is correct but also to keep checking how much tax you have paid. To ensure your overtime has been paid too. Most check stubs will show information on your holiday hours and any other information you need on the company you work for.

    What are they?

    Checkstubs are what you receive from your employer when you get paid, they will outline basic pay information. Pay stubs can be sent to you digitally or in paper form, depending on what your employer chooses.

    They are useful for many reasons; they are not only proof of your employment but will help you keep track of your income for budgeting needs.

    You can keep track of how much over time you are doing or how much sickness you have been taking. Being able to keep evidence of all of this information will be useful for years to come.

    What are they needed for?

    Pay stubs are useful for many different things, whether it is buying a house or renting a house. If you want to purchase a car or take out a loan, having your pay stubs as proof of regular income will help you.

    As pay stubs are proof of employment, they can be used to prove that you have a job, whether it is for benefit reasons or as previously mentioned, buying a house or renting somewhere to live. Your paycheck stub will also outline some basic information about your company, such as the address and your employee number, which can be useful if you ever need to update your résumé or ask for a reference.


    Check stubs are a document you will receive as a paid employee of a company. This will give you basic pay information as well as basic company information and your employee information.

    It is important to retain your pay stubs because these show proof of income and proof of employment, which can help you in many situations. It is important to check your pay stubs to ensure you are getting the correct pay for what you have worked and also to ensure all of your details are correct.

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