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How To Fix A Bluetooth Driver Not Working?

If you are willing to connect your speakers to the windows computer but they are just not connecting, the next question is why is the Bluetooth driver not working. This situation is a little annoying as the moment and experience falls below the expectations.

Bluetooth already works like a wonder for us. We move around the device and whenever the range is near, we automatically connect with it. Moreover, easy wireless connection makes bluetooth a necessity in today’s time. However, if bluetooth is not working and you are looking for its fixes, there could be several reasons behind it. They include:


  • Conflict between multiple bluetooth devices around you.
  • Incorrect settings of your bluetooth
  • You have not updated your bluetooth driver and the requirement of new software is being asked.


So what can you do to fix the bluetooth issue or when the bluetooth driver is not working properly.


Fix 1: Check If Your Bluetooth Is Enabled

Bluetooth sometimes turns off automatically when there is no other device to pair around. No matter if you are using an android phone, tablet or speaker, make sure that bluetooth is enabled on both the ends. Now open the settings of your PC > select bluetooth & other devices > Add bluetooth or other devices > find the Bluetooth device you want to connect.

Even if it doesn’t connect then, try disabling and enabling the bluetooth once again as windows will try searching for it forcefully.


Fix 2: Time To Update Driver

You might be hearing this fix everywhere for sure and why not, it’s definitely an essential one. You can choose to update the driver manually but this may take longer than the usual process. This is why we highly recommend you update the Bluetooth driver through an automatic process as this process is also capable of making other updates side by side.

Advanced Driver Updater is an amazing utility tool that can update Bluetooth drivers automatically after taking its backup. This backup is taken so that if you wish to roll out again, it is absolutely possible.

Advanced driver update

All you have to do is launch the driver updater and click ‘Start Scan Now’. This step will list down all the drivers which need an update. Now you just need to select either ‘Update All’ to upgrade all the drivers or simply choose a Bluetooth driver for an update.

However, if you wish to use the manual method for updating the driver then you need to open the Device Manager (Windows + R > type devmgmt.msc > Tab > and choose to update the Bluetooth driver.)

Updating the driver may become a usual process and thus you must keep yourself equipped with the updater beforehand.


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Fix 3: Reinstall Bluetooth Device

Sometimes your device needs a kickstart by uninstalling it and reinstalling it once again. Open Device Manager here by searching it in the search bar or pressing Windows key + R. Now type devmgmt.msc to locate your Bluetooth device and right-click on it while choosing ‘Uninstall’.

As and when you confirm the uninstallation, you can restart the computer. Next, you either need to visit the driver's website for installation or Windows will automatically install the driver by itself.


Fix 4: Run Troubleshooter

If the Bluetooth driver is still not working, we have the next solution for you which allows you to run troubleshooting by using its in-built tool. Now in order to troubleshoot, follow these steps.

Open Windows Settings > Updates & Security > Troubleshoot. Choose Bluetooth and Run The Troubleshooter.


You can close the window once the troubleshooting is done and the result appears on the screen.


Fix 5: Restart Bluetooth Support Services


Check Windows 10 Bluetooth services for the effect. Press Windows + R key and type services.msc. Now right-click on Bluetooth Support Service and select Restart. Once done, make sure that you click on Bluetooth Support Service once again and open Properties. Go to Startup Type and select Automatic. Finally, click OK.

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In terms of updating the driver, you can even choose the Realtek Bluetooth Driver by Lenovo in order to experience a smooth driver update. Apart from updating using Realtek, consider using Advanced Driver Updater for all Windows versions and overall Windows devices.

We hope that you have found the best way to fix your Bluetooth driver not working issue by reading the blog here and one of these methods have worked right for you. Which method worked rightly for you sequencing from the above? Share your views with us in the comments section below or share if none of the above methods have placed well for you too.

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