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Why You Should Use Social Media Post Designer?

These days, social media plays a crucial role in linking people and building relationships. As a business, knowing your target consumer and their prompt to follow you on social media will help to grow your followers as well as give your business an entitlement. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are the easiest ways to engage directly with your followers but to get a good impression some standout social media graphics are the best tools to create attractive content. Canva is one of the well-known applications for creating social media graphics.

In this article, we will discuss the different kinds of social media graphics, how to make and use them.

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How to Start Your Social Media Design -

1. Make a Coherent Plan To Design your social media Page -

It is very essential to first create your master plan for designing so that it can add value to your content and enable you to convey the messages you want. Every post must have an individual goal. Define all the different themes and motives along with your followers. For instance, will your Facebook or Instagram post be shared to show the designs of your products or to share informative content about your band? Add all the details and links by addressing visit here to find social media post designers.

2. Choose All The Possible Platforms To Reach Your Audience-

Different products need different social media platforms to be showcased efficiently.
For instance, Facebook is ideal for a clothing business, jewellery, reselling old things
etc. Whereas Pinterest will serve you infamous recipes, Instagram is an ideal platform for almost every other thing. For that, using different platforms for different products is very important to reach out to more audiences and grow your business.

3. Tips To Stylize Your Social Media Page -

Now that you have an overall idea of your followers and the platforms you’ll be using, you can start the layout process.

4. Showcase the company’s products and community-

If a customer can’t get a good impression about a product due to poor image quality, they will be less likely to buy. For this reason, using high quality and well-staged photos are essential. Besides, a meaningful and convincing product description is important to let the audience know more about the product. Also, add videos to showcase your products because videos are great ways to engage and communicate.

5. Use the correct image or video sizes for different social media platforms - 

Instagram reels are formatted to be in portrait orientation while on the other hand Facebook and Youtube are landscapely formatted.

  • Facebook : 852 x 316 cover photo; 180 x 180 profile picture
  • Youtube : 2560 x 1460 cover photo; 800 x 800 channel icon.
  • Twitter : 1252 x 625 cover photo; 73 x 73 profile picture

Check the colour balance and contrast -

Colours affect how customers perceive your products. That is why popular food brands usually keep it red, orange and yellow and for jewellery brands the colours mostly used are golden and silver. To add colours to your social media design, use templates. Platforms like adobe sparkle, Lucidpress, Canva, Desygner, Gravit designer are some applications, Visit here to find social media post designer where you can find different templates.

Keep the overall look of each design consistent-

Make sure that all your designs are visually consistent across platforms.

Keep the content image-based -

Image-based content is proven to help make more engagement by sharing Facebook posts, Instagram saves and shares retweets.

Try making the profile picture and the cover image interact with each

Keep your profile picture simple since it remains very small so that one can focus on the post more. Some brands prefer to keep the company logo as the profile picture.

The cover photo should be wide and stay on the top of the profile picture. It is
relevant to use the cover photo as the expansion of the profile picture. So, put some important information, graphics on your cover picture to make it more attractive.

Make sure that your profile picture and cover picture do not overlap with each other.

Be Unique And Innovative -

To become an innovative designer, one might not be an experienced one. A distinctive social media design tactic helps you to get the aimed audience. It will take some time to make a powerful influence on social networking platforms, but a unique design will help to speed up the process.

Be Consistent -

Consistent branding is the key to adding value to your brand. Create templates so you have consistency. Post valuable content regularly and always think about how you can help grow your business that will also be helpful for your followers and customers.

Importance Of Social Media Design -

The popularity of social platforms has increased rapidly in the last decade with millions of users. Graphics play a very major role in developing brand recognition and also meeting user’s demands as well. So, if you’ve been ignoring your social media designs, it’s about time to start thinking and expand your brand’s identity.

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