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5 Brilliant Hosting Platforms For Your Virtual Events

Nowadays virtual events have become very popular and today you can easily find a number of platforms for hosting these virtual events. To plan and execute an online event just like an in-person event we can use a number of tools known as virtual event platforms. By using these tools, we can get the same feeling in a virtual event as we get in an in-person event. But what is the requirement to do all this? It is because in this pandemic we cannot host in-person events and leverage all the benefits of an in-person event virtually, these tools will help us a lot. Now I am going to describe 5 brilliant hosting platforms for your virtual events.

Hosting platforms for virtual events

Eventcube – 

It was released in 2014. For corporate conferences, university fairs, and music festivals it offers solutions of registration and event ticketing that are of white label. After some time of its launch, it included some more features and for gyms, memberships clubs, and event managers it started providing a tools’ whole host. This platform provides the facility of live chat, hosting, registration, ticketing, virtual networking, and live streaming.

Airmeet – 

This platform provides features of networking and extensive sponsorship. The Airmeet is growing at a very fast rate. This platform offers capabilities of networking like:

  • Functionality of chatting
  • Tables of networking
  • Speed networking of one-to-one type

The event attendee and event organizer can easily use this platform. With the help of Zapier integration, most of the MarTech tools were integrated with this platform. If you want to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube for streaming the sessions of your event, and if for your event you want to sell tickets then for this purpose Stripe is integrated on this platform. About 100k attendees can take part in a virtual event with this platform.

Filo – 

Demo days, Interview days, training, workshops, summits, and kickoffs are virtual events of collaborative type. For these events a very good platform is Filo. This platform is customizable. If for your virtual event you want to create a dynamic environment and customized environment then for this purpose a lot of integrations are possible with this platform. A platform for video conferencing is Zoom which Filo uses a lot. It doesn’t matter whether the event is big or small, you can get audio/visual of high quality with the help of zoom. The features of Filo are:

  • Spaces that are persistent
  • Networking that is dynamic
  • Pages for registration
  • Polling
  • Custom branding
  • Customization
  • Agendas
  • 1:1 messaging and chatting
  • Spotify playlists, whiteboards, slides, and documents can be easily embedded in it
  • Use of zoom for live calls, recordings, and live streams

InEvent – 

A platform for virtual events that is most customizable in the world is InEvent. With this platform, customization of the experience of the attendees is possible for:

  • Video streaming
  • Environment for the virtual event
  • Email invites
  • Registration forms
  • Event website

Here, by using a single platform it is possible to manage, market, and monetize an event and so we can say that it is a one-stop-shop. Reporting, post-event analytics, networking, engagement, and live navigation, promotion, and registration are the various features that this platform offers.

Tame – 

Here for the attendees of a big event, creating, promoting, and hosting a complete experience of the brand is possible with the help of an event platform known as Tame. By using this platform around 10,000 attendees can take part in a virtual event. Your various needs can be met with this platform with the use of a feature of customization that this platform offers. By using a drag ‘n’ drop system on this platform you can create Virtual Events. The features of Tame are:
  • Use of social buttons
  • Event countdown
  • Speaker’s list
  • Page header

This platform is easy to use. As we think this article will help you to choose the best hosting platforms for your events. If you have any query or question then please write for us here.

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