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How To Increase JioFi Speed? - Jio Care

In today’s modern world, JioFi is always kept in everyone’s home. It connects your mobile or other devices to the fastest network of the Jio. Due to this type of Jio net speed, you can work fast and easily without any slow connection to the internet, and it is very small and handy so that you can take this anywhere out. Not any people are going to tell that it is good to have a very unstable and slow internet connection for your work. So today internet speed is very main in everyone’s life. So every internet provider is to make sure you with the best and high-quality network that provides more high-speed internet for your device. The speed of the internet connection depends on the stability and good strength of the connection and network. Low internet connectivity is a common problem for plenty of users of Jio routers, and the company offers you some helpful guides to get rid of all the issues and immediately increase the internet speed.

How To Increase JioFi Speed

What is JioFi?

JioFi is one of the hottest selling internet devices in the world. The small tech product is perfect for powering network connectivity for residential as well as commercial use. It is best for professionals who are always on the move and have to download and upload data. With online learning on the rise amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, some regions might not have broadband connectivity that can support video streaming. For these regions, JioFi is perfect. Apart from working and study-related aspects, you can use the JioFi to download the latest movies, music, and games from credible internet downloading platforms like the pirate bay. This can help you save money on entertainment since all the content that you download is free!

Why JioFi is a low internet speed-

You can take a look for some reasons because which the internet speeds are slow. Just take a look if you have surpassed the daily internet usage limit. Once you cross the monthly or daily data limit offered by your internet plan that your internet connection speed will reduce to 128 kbps. Also, look for the status of the network. It shows like green or with a full signal that it is best to network coverage. 2 to 5 network signal bars suggest that you are in an average coverage area. Then it appears like red signal bars that show and very low coverage area of your internet connection. First, you need to test the connection with the other apps or other sites. Always make sure that you keep the Jiofi router within 10 meters of the radius of your connected devices like laptops or others. The Jiofi is placed in an open area without any disturbance like microwave, wall, and others, etc.

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Strength of the network-

This is an important thing that will determine the data speed on the JioFi router. As a Jio network, there are very strong chances that an area you reside in will not get the adequate network signals for the acceptable internet speed of your network. Just try to move the Jio device to many different places and look if any location is getting the best or awesome JioFi network connection signals. Once this falls under, then you will experience the acceptable data speed on your JioFi device.

Mis-configuration settings will reduce the speed-

Jiofi will work best with the default settings. If you have altered any JioFi setting by manually immediately switch back to the default setting, and then things will get back to ordinary life. For more information, just refer to the JioFi router manual bundled with the Jio box at the period of buying them.

Distance between the connected devices-

Everyone knows the JioFi router has a limitation to transmitting the data among the connected devices, which will fall in the 10 to 13-meter radius from the JioFi router. For great internet connection speed, ensure that the connection of your devices to the JioFi router is within the 10-meter radius from the JioFi network. Also If you want to hide your IP you can buy a proxy isp.

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Using the USB tethering-

This may not be a great idea if you use plenty of devices connected to the JioFi. This Jio router will be stable and offer tremendous speed by USB tethering since the signal is low from the device you have. This is not only speeding but also increases the range of the signal by using the cables that placing the JioFi router at an excellent height. But the cable quality will not be compromised since there is a low signal in the lower quality of the cable during this transmission.
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Guide to increase JioFi internet speed in your device-

  • The first and the only place your JioFi router need to place near an open area instead of keeping it inside of your room. This will assures that it can simply and easily connect to the network tower. So always make sure that you change the DNS and others. If you don’t know what that means, you can search in Google to more about this. Don’t worry. This process is easy. You need to set a wireless encryption secret password to your JioFi, and also, individuals you know can have some access to the internet.
  • You can think that why this low internet connection is mostly unknown? These are some great tips or guides you can use to increase the speed of your JioFi router's internet connection speed. You can also select to upgrade the JioFi to the new latest version.
  • Work at late hours or early hours where the internet connection and the networks are free. Most of them range because of the heavy usage of the internet in the peak hours of your work.
  • If again the internet connectivity problem continues regularly even after trying some things, then you need to speak with Jio customer care services immediately, then the experienced team will assist you. The customer care will ensure customers are well satisfied and will look at the device recommend with many different settings. In such cases will not happen for the JioFi router device is of the best quality providing excellent service.

Other sets to increase the speed of the JioFi -

  • Immediately on your device, just click and open the JioFi portal in the web browser.
  • Then go to the login area and click it.
  • Then enter the name and password you kept. If you need to use the default one, then use password administrator and ID in your device.
  • Just tap on the channel and set them, and then apply all the settings that are it.
  • After following this instruction and changing these settings in the device, your JioFi router speed will increase immediately.

Bottom line-

Finally, all your doubts about the JioFi speed have been resolved now with a few guides explained above with more information. You can follow these steps and enjoy your JioFi internet speed with the best quality. If you have any questions or queries then write for us technology here.

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