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Best Ways to Transfer Large Files

Work and school may require you to transfer large files. Conventional email accounts are not built for large transfers, nor do they allow them. What can you do when you need to transfer large files but there is a limit to the size of what you can send?

Pen Drive

Use a Flash Drive

You can choose to take a low-tech approach and transfer the file physically. A flash drive can hold much more than an email can. Also, when delivering the files in person, you have ultimate confirmation that the recipient has the files in their possession.

Besides a flash drive, an external hard drive is useful in transferring large files. Both a flash drive and an external hard drive are convenient and can connect to a desktop, laptop and many tablets. Keep in mind that you may not be able to use this method with all tablets and mobiles as they may lack a way of connecting.

Use File Compression Software

File compression software allows you to scale down large files. In effect, the unnecessary space that gives files a lot of their size is removed with the file being compressed to its most condensed form.

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Compressing files can help you in sending them when they are slightly above the limit that your email service places. Files that surpass the limit by a lot will not become easier to send. Check your email service's limit and see if compressing your files can help you send them via email.

Upload to Cloud Storage Service

Using a cloud storage service is a popular method for solving the issue of large file transfer. You place the files on storage that is accessible to the other party so that they may download them or use them on the cloud service. Google Drive is one such service that offers you flexibility in your file sharing needs.

Google Drive may be limited for the scope of files you need to share with others. You can examine other services that offer monthly subscription plans for the ability to transfer large volumes of data.

Transfer via SFTP

You may be familiar with FTP which stands for file transfer protocol. This method of file transfer is used by webmasters, among others, for uploading large amounts of data to web servers. FTP is fast and convenient but lacks the security you need when transferring sensitive information.

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SFTP is very similar to FTP but operates using a layer of encryption that keeps your files out of the hands of prying hackers.

Try a Link-Sharing Service

Link-sharing services allow you to upload files to a server and share them with others. After you upload your files, you give your link to the intended recipient. The recipient can then use the link as a way of downloading the files without having to get them from you directly.

There are link-sharing options up to a certain size of files. After that, you can subscribe for the ability to send larger files as often as the chosen plan dictates.


Internet Service providers place restrictions on the size of files you can share. Using a VPN will get around these restrictions as cloaking your IP keeps the hosting provider from triggering these limits.

While this will work, you won't be guaranteed that the files reach the recipient unscathed. Furthermore, you'll find that your VPN connection will be slow as the network is bogged down by the files being transferred.

Use Large File Collaboration

Large file transfer services like that of Egnyte will allow you to co-edit and share large files without the slightest hassle. You can share your files without having to worry about the recipient's location or device as they'll be able to access them any way they wish.

Transferring Your Large Files

If you rarely transfer large files, using one of the makeshift solutions should be enough. However, if your business or education relies on the constant sharing of large files, a specialized collaboration solution will offer you efficiency and increased functionality.

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