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Booster Vaccine Registration – Covid-19 Booster Dose Online Application

Initially, many people handled the pandemic situation with carelessness, but within a few months, the virus has spread worldwide. Nowadays, people feel unsafe walking outside of their homes without wearing masks, which is caused by the impact of Covid-19. Now people are aware of the covid-19 and understand the importance of the vaccination. It is always better to have prevention than looking for the cure after suffering. The vaccination is also prevention and protection to fight against the Covid-19. Regardless of 2 doses, the government has provided the booster vaccine, and steps for Booster Vaccine Registration are listed in this post.

What is Booster Dose?

The government and doctors work restlessly for securing the lives of millions of people. Initially, people are asked to take two doses of vaccination, and in government hospitals, the doses are free of cost. Private hospitals may charge fee for vaccination which is not affordable for all class people. Due to the development of the Covid-19, people require some additional protection, which is this booster dose known as precaution dose. People who have already finished their first round of vaccination for Covid-19 can take this booster dose. The protection level against Coronavirus will be better with this dose.

Booster Vaccine Registration

Who can get the covid-19 booster vaccination?

The age eligibility to get the booster vaccination is 16 and above 16 years. Some people doubt that children 16 cannot get boosted vaccination at any cost, and the answer is possible in certain circumstances. Only some children aged between 12 to 15 are eligible to get booster vaccination, and for that, either

  • They might live with someone who has a damaged immune system such as HIV, treatment for cancer, etc
  • The kids may have a body condition that will get seriously ill and high risk from covid-19.

Other than these conditions, no one under 16 will get a booster vaccination.

When to get the covid-19 Booster dose?

One cannot get the booster vaccination immediately, and they have to wait for some time. If you have not completed the 1st two doses, you need to vaccinate both doses. After completion of 2 doses, you can go for the booster dose. But you also have to give 90 days’ which means a three months gap, to get the booster vaccination. If you get Covid-19 positive in the last three months, you need to postpone your date for booster vaccination. The three months is a minimum period for booster vaccination from the completion of 2 doses. Senior citizens who are above 60 must require the eligibility of 39 weeks or nine months passed after completing the 2nd dose. The booster dose may vary from the vaccines you had for your 1st and 2nd doses.

Significance of booster dose

Routine vaccines are sometimes enough for ordinary people who are not taking the risk of their lives. But for frontline workers, such as doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, etc., and senior citizens, the immunity level must be high. This booster dose of Covid-19 helps them increase their immunity level and fight against the new variant of covid-19. Many people lost their lives and their families due to covid-19 in the second wave, and it is necessary to take the booster dose. The availability of vaccination centres are enough, and the government has divided the centres for both Covishield and Covaxin.

Steps to register for a booster dose of vaccine?

Some people understand the importance of the booster vaccine for themselves and their family members, but they don’t know how to register for getting the booster vaccination. The steps involved in the registration are easy, but you have to be careful at the time of registration. You cannot visit the vaccination centre without registering for it. Follow the given steps listed here.

  • Step1: If you want to register for the booster dose of vaccine, go and visit the official page for Cowin registration.
  • Step2: In the post visiting the official portal of Cowin page, you can find the register/sign-in option on the official page of
  • Step3: Now you need to provide the registered mobile number that you have registered already for previous vaccinations in another web page that redirects and click GET OTP option.
  • Step4: Again, you will redirect to another webpage, and in your mobile, you will get the six-digit OTP number and fill that OTP in the text box. You have to tap verify and proceed option.
  • Step5: You will redirect to the Cowin portal’s dashboard and there you can see ‘Precaution dose’ option. In that you can book your booster dose in that.
  • Step6: Now, you will get the time, date and vaccination centre address.

Bottom line:

Finally, the steps for Booster Vaccine Registration are listed above, and follow the steps carefully to register it correctly. Additional protection is good for you and boosts vaccination as soon as possible.

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