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CoWIN Registration – CoWIN Covid - 19 Login And Registration Guide To

One of the hottest news is COVID-19, and several people are getting affected by this dangerous virus. Doctors are researching and working without rest and instructing various safety measures to avoid COVID-19. The government also takes various steps to keep the people safe by offering free vaccination, announcing night lockdowns etc. Vaccination is the prevention and shield for you to fight against the virus, and you should not forget to vaccinate yourself. The government initiated online registration for vaccination to benefit people. All the guidance for the CoWINCovid - 19 Login And Registration to are listed below.

What is coWIN?

The total population of India is more, and it is difficult to manage the vaccination program by the government. So the government seeks help from the technology and uses the coWIN, an online portal for reducing the burden of the vaccination process to the government. Using this portal, people can register and log in to get vaccinated and book the slots at their nearest location. Not all people can pay for the vaccination, so the government has provided the vaccination free of cost. In the vaccination process, there are two vaccines available: Covishield and Covaxin.

CoWIN Registration

What are the features of the CoWIN vaccination registration process?

Through the official website of coWIN, every eligible citizen can register, and all the significant features of this online platform are listed here.

  • Only eligible citizens are permitted to register for vaccination.
  • Citizens can choose their preferred CVCs through the CoWIN portal.
  • Citizens can also select vaccination slots using the registration module at their leisure.
  • The citizens can reschedule the appointment in case they missed their appointment in vaccination centre.
  • The second dose’s appointment will be scheduled automatically after 28 days for every citizen as the vaccination cycle involves 2 doses.

Documents required for CoWIN registration

You need the photo ID proof for CoWIN registration, which the government of India must provide. Some of the Photo ID documents are

  • Aadhar card
  • Voting card
  • PAN card
  • Driving license
  • Passport

How can you register for the COVID-19 vaccination?

The registration process is easy, and you can register through the portal. Some of the steps are listed here for registration.

  • Step1: Visit the official page of the portal and click the register option on that page.
  • Step2: To start the registration process, first provide your mobile number.
  • Step3: You will receive an OTP to the given number. Apply that OTP and click the verify option.
  • Step4: Once the OTP gets verified, you have to select the photo ID proof from the dropdown menu.
  • Step5: Now, provide the ID number and fill in the other details like your name, gender and date of birth exactly matched with the given photo ID.
  • Step 6: Finally, click the register button as a final procedure.

You will get the confirmation SMS to your mobile number after successfully finishing the registration process of the CoWIN portal.

Adding and deleting members

In a single profile of the CoWIN portal, you can add a maximum of 3 candidates, and so there is an option for adding and deleting the members when your registration is done successfully.

  • Step1: You can access the account details page after the registration, and there you can find the option for both add more and delete by clicking them.
  • Step2: To add a member, enter the person's details as you did for yourself and click the add option.
  • Step3: You will find the delete option in front of the existing member and click it for deleting a member.

For adding a member also, you will get the same confirmation message.

Steps for CoWIN vaccination Slot booking

Once you have successfully registered in the CoWIN portal, now you can book your slot as per your wish.

  • Step1: Visit the official home page of CoWIN and click the login option as you have registered earlier.
  • Step2: Now, you have to provide the registered mobile number on the appeared page and get the OTP.
  • Step3: Enter the OTP sign in to your account and visit the account details page.
  • Step4: There, you can see the schedule option with your name and details and click it.
  • Step5: The page for appointment booking will appear, and use your PIN-code and district for selecting your nearby location for vaccination.
  • Step6: If you selected your vaccination centre, choose the date and time from the available slots.
  • Step7: Now click the Book to finalize your appointment option, and by following that, click the confirm option.

Bottom line

Vaccination is mandatory for every citizen, and no one should ignore vaccinating. Thus, the details explained earlier are guidance for the CoWIN Covid - 19 Login And Registration to Make use of this information and fix your appointment for vaccination.

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