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6 Different Ways to Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is more than sharing your photos if you want to make money through the platform. Thus, you need to know if you have the right audience for your business niche and consider many other things. On this social networking app, companies need communities with dedication. For instance, if your followers fit the customers a brand targets, you can get money as an influencer. If you do not want to go the influencer route, you can try selling your products, among other things.Below are ways to make money on Instagram.


1. Get sponsorships

Instagram users can cash in on their accounts by creating sponsored stories and posts. For instance,if your feed focuses on images of you and your partner going on hikes, an outdoor gear company can pay you to post photos with their products in the picture. But how do you find a sponsor? In most cases, the sponsors reach out to you, but you can look for companies that help you find ways to work with brands. So be authentic as you search for people to partner with your business. Instagram followers of your pet will trust your opinion on any pet stuff you post. Plus, recommend products you like and not any product or service. Also, find brands fitting a specific niche as possible and add a disclosure in each paid story or post.

2. Use live videos to earn money

Through the live feature on Instagram, you can earn money directly from your audience when you share real-time videos. As you showcase your products, talents, and so on, viewers can buy

Badges in support. Badges can cost from $1 to $5, and anyone who purchases them has a heart symbol next to the comments. Therefore, get the word out beforehand through your stories and posts to promote your upcoming live video. Then, give a shout-out to commenters or use the Q&A feature to boost engagement and badges.

3. Promote your business

Another way to use Instagram and get money is to have a business account to grow your business.

For instance, if you have an Etsy shop where you sell your food blog or crafts to generate advertising revenue, you need an Instagram account that looks professional and can provide a

Promotional boost. Link it to your website in your profile. Highlight one specific product in your bio section to direct more people to it. If your Instagram account gets the approval for Instagram shopping features, tag your products or services to promote your stuff directly.

4. Set yourself up for success

It is vital to take well-lit photos and products you want to sell to make them findable. Then, check the hashtags your competitors are using and create your hashtag. Also, encourage your clients to post photos with your stuff and tag you in them. Plus, use Instagram’s insights feature to learn about your audience. Check the statistic to see views on various posts and people's gender and age.If you want more people to see your posts, pay some money. Additionally, add a button to the profile that links your phone and email address so interested parties can contact you.

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5. Sell your castoffs

You may not be having a business to promote, but you can sell old accessories and clothes. Photograph and present your clothes and other items appealingly and add as much detail as you can in the caption. The size, brand, condition, and age of every item. If you want to sell one item in particular, link it to your bio or link to other seller profiles.

6. Use ads to monetize your videos

Allow brands to run ads on your videos to earn. So, head to your creator account settings and click on enable monetization option for the instream videos Ads to set this up and continue posting. Therefore, any amount you earn depends on the views your video will get in your feed. The revenue generated per view, you will earn 55% of it. Plus, payments are issued monthly. If the videos do not meet the requirements you do not get any pay. For instance, videos should be 2 minutes long to earn money.

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