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How To Do Facebook Live Stream- Step by Step Guide ?

In recent days, live videos are becoming popular not for massive broadcasting networks but small businesses. Using live video has been in trend and can be an effective tool for digital marketers, influencers, and brands. Facebook Live is just any other live video streaming feature offered by Facebook. It will let you broadcast a live video to your viewers using your profile or company page. Facebook Live Stream was launched in the year 2016, April, and seems quite beneficial too. Businesses are using this feature to control their audience base once the live stream is over. However, if you cannot successfully drive potential customers using Facebook Live Stream, here is the How To Do Facebook Live Stream- Step by Step Guide!


1. Follow up to Facebook News

If you want to do Facebook Live Stream, then you must log in to your Facebook account. You can go live from your business page if you have one or your regular Facebook profile. In your timeline, you will see the Facebook status bar, where you will see the Live Video option. The camcorder icon denotes it.

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Once you click on the Live option, Facebook will ask you to access your camera and microphone. If you deny it, then you won't be able to do the Live Stream. And this is a brainer. If you are going live, you would want everybody to see and hear you. Once the live video is approved, you will not see these prompts.

2. Go for a Video Description

As we all are familiar with that, Facebook Live is all about video. But, it is not entirely. If you are creating a video, the only aim will be to make it visible to people. Hence, you will need to put a compelling description that will help you draw viewers in and make them watch your Live video.

Whatever description you put will show up on the Facebook users' timelines right above the video. As a result, keep in mind to write a catchy description to grab the attention. Make sure your report is offering value to your video and giving enough information to spark curiosity.

While you think of writing a description for your live video, you have the option to add your location, tag people, and use emoticons. You can benefit from these features if you are posting from any particular area, or you want to feature an employee, or even for fun.

3. Select Privacy Setting, If Posting from Personal Account

If you think you will be posting using your Facebook business page, you must know that your Facebook Live Stream will automatically get public. You will choose this option only as you will need to gather public engagement and connect with them.

But, you will have the option to permanently restrict the audience by location using Facebook's audience restrictions.

If you post from your account, you will have the option to set your settings as you wish. You can prefer to choose who will be able to see your live stream. All you need to do is to follow a few easy steps to set your privacy setting.

If you want our suggestion, it is good to keep the stream public so that your live stream can reach a higher number of audiences around the world. And if you want to increase the number of your viewers, it will be much easier if you buy Facebook live stream views from social media marketing services. It will help you to look popular and attract more users.

4. Add a Facebook Live filter, lens, or Doodle

Facebook offers several lenses, filters, and it can write or draw on your live streaming videos. You will be able to click through several options present right below the "Start Live Video" button so that you won't miss it.

While using these can be fun and whimsical, make sure you are not choosing a filter that can draw the attention away from your video content. If you think you are going to use a filter, Doodle, or lens, ensure it complements the range of the video and is not distracting.

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For example, you must choose a filter that will cover your entire screen with a colour overlay. Then it might distract your viewers. Again, you can use filters as frames. It will look busy but will be good to frame your subject and not to overshadow the screen.

5. Press the "Start Live Video" Button

Now that you are done with filter selection, you must ensure that you face the camera the correct way. Make sure that the object or subject is in place, and you should click on the blue "Start Live Video" button to start your Facebook Live Stream.

And once done, you are life! All your audiences will be able to see your live video, and it will appear in your feed. You can stream up to 90 minutes long, and keep in mind that the longer you stay, the better engagement chances will be there.

6. Call Out Commenters by Name

Yes! This might sound childish, but calling out commenters by name will help you build a better connection. While answering questions over your live stream, you can directly call out the name and answer specifically. It will absolutely make them feel a bit special and will create a strong bonding.

Final Talk

Following this guide of How To Do Facebook Live Stream- Step by Step Guide, you will do a good Facebook live video. To gain more viewers, you need to work on doing a live video and make it look more natural and exciting. Ensure that your viewers are getting the correct details and gaining knowledge from your live stream.

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