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What Are Some Of The Probable Reasons For Corrupt PST?

The challenges with the email client are in identifying the causes for errors that would not allow a user to send or receive emails. Indeed, Microsoft Outlook is the most used email client across the world and there are many reasons for it to malfunction or not even function the way it is supposed to. This article shall help you understand the main reasons why PST file get corrupted.

Ideally, such an error is caused due to two main reasons. The further classification and causes shall be analyzed as you read through the article.

The main reasons are
  1. Hardware Problem
  2. Software Problem

Let us dig deep in classifying and understanding the reasons behind the problem:

Corrupt PST

I. Hardware Problem

The hardware problems that cause the PST files to corrupt or damage are further classified into three types. The main problem is the hardware of your computer fails to store the data or transfer the data of the Outlook files. This makes the PST file corrupt or damaged, eventually letting you not use Outlook unless you repair it.

A. Data Storage – Device Failure: The data is mainly stored in the hard disk of your computer. If there are sectors in your hard disk that is bad or damaged, they fail to store the PST file. Further, you can read the PST file data as errors and you can view only a part of them.

B. Network Device Failure: You may come across such trouble at offices. Usually, the PST file is stored in the network server and your system might be in share mode in the network. As you attempt to access the PST file from your computer through the links of the network, there might be the possibility of this error if

i. There is a problem with the network interface cards

ii. The trouble with the Network cable

iii. The network hub is faulty

iv. The routers or other devices present in the network is faulty

As you attempt to access the PST file remotely, it causes the error.

C. Power Failure: This is accidental and one of the possible reasons behind corrupt pst too. If you attempt to access the PST file and if there is a power cut, it may leave the PST files damaged causing the error.

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Of course, you may prevent such problems that occur due to hardware. You may use reliable network components and also use a USP that does not cause any power disturbance to the computer. However, the magnanimity of the problem mainly arises due to the software. Let us see them.

II. Software Problem

A. File system Recovery: This is one of the major reasons for the PST files to get damaged. If there is a broken file system and you use a recovery tool or an expert to recover the PST file, it may recover and store incorrect files. There are possible and practical reasons behind it.

  • One main cause is the PST file itself is faulty. If there is an incomplete or an erroneous PST file present, attempting to recover the file shall store the wrong files only. At times, PST file data can be overwritten by garbage data, and the system recovery tool shall recover the entire data and store it just to cause the error.
  • Even if the file system is broken, the expert who works on recovering the file must put the data in order as he/she recovers the PST file. If it is not done, the error takes place.
  • PST files, as said may contain garbage data, the recovery tool does not find that they are garbage data and recovers it blindly. If the expert does not notice it, the PST file that is corrupted shall be stored.

There is just one solution for this, use a very good tool or an expert to recover the PST files so that you may not find this error at all.

B. Presence of Virus: This is one of the common reasons for the PST file to get damaged. Experts recommend installing good anti-virus software to prevent such problems.

C. If Outlook Shuts Down Automatically: As you shut down the Outlook, do it with protocols and do not shut down just by clicking exit. It is recommended to allow Outlook to save all the data to the PST file and then click on Close or Exit to close the email client. If you do not do so, there are many opportunities for the PST file to get corrupted and your Microsoft Outlook shall behave weirdly in the beginning and eventually cause the error.

As discussed earlier, Outlook can shut down unknowingly due to power failure. Sometimes, the Outlook might be functioning at the backend and if you close it or power shut down without any power back up, this can cause the issue.

If you feel that you need to shut down and the Outlook is busy performing at the back, please get into the task manager and click on ‘End task’ for a safe exit.

D. Outlook Problems: We can definitely not deny this factor. As with other software, Outlook might be in trouble too. The deficiencies in the software might cause Outlook to malfunction or the PST file to get damaged.

If you are using Outlook 1997 to 2002, then there might be a problem of PST files corrupt often. This is because the developers have assigned only 2GB of data to be stored in PST. With the amount of communication and network you might have these days, the storing data capacity shall go beyond 2GB causing the file to be corrupted.

Another basic problem is with the user. Have you ever come across the statement displayed on the screen if your MS outlook behaves weird?

‘Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience’

What would you do? Exit from Outlook? Please do not do that, as we discussed above, close the MS Outlook by getting into a task manager as immediate or abnormal closing of Outlook may cause the PST file to be corrupted.

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