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PHP vs WordPress - Which One is the Best for Website Development?

Millions of websites are on the Internet. Based on this fact, it is expected that only having a website just for the need cannot fulfill your business requirement anymore. Instead, it is required to build a website that stands out in the market and seamlessly spread your business message to your audiences.

There are various web frameworks that can deploy a highly appealing and functioning website. They can offer you several benefits, such as open-source, flexibility, scalability, free support, and more.

This blog will discuss two of the most popular website frameworks, PHP and WordPress. With these differences, you will be able to make the right choice between the two.

PHP vs WordPress

So, let’s find out which framework is better: PHP or WordPress.

User Experience

Providing a smooth user experience should be a priority while developing a website for yourself or your business. For a more comprehensive customer experience, WordPress offers rich themes that can enhance customer experience.

In the case of PHP, user experience depends on how efficiently the programmer performs the coding process. Although PHP offers simplicity and flexibility, the framework itself does not guarantee you anything.

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Therefore, whatever the nature of your website and the programming experience you have, defines the right choice between PHP and WordPress in case of user experience. If you are starting out website development, then WordPress is more suitable and has a better focus on customer experience.


Although, choosing between a WordPress and PHP framework should not directly influence the search engine optimization of your website. Several other factors can affect the SERP, such as fresh and relevant content. The framework you choose to create that content does not have much to do with it, except a few elements like loading speed, browser adaptability, UX/UI, etc.

WordPress has several built-in plugins and extensions that can assist you in enhancing the SEO of your website. You can hire WordPress developers and experts that can help you with technical SEO, crafting quality content, keyword research, and more.

Website Type

There are various types of websites that fulfill different purposes of businesses, such as personal blog sites, E-commerce websites, single-page websites, multi-layered websites, and more. The platform you choose to develop your website depends on the type of website you have for your business.

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WordPress is an excellent platform for any non-technical person, so WordPress CMS is a perfect choice for you if you are a newcomer or a blogger. However, if you want a complex website with rich features, then you should choose PHP.


IT companies involved in PHP development can provide good readability and assist you in minor issues like support and updates that arrive from time to time. Also, changing and modifying PHP code is more manageable, and it quickly adapts to new technologies that appear in the market.

When it comes to flexibility, PHP and WordPress are both versatile. But, let’s consider PHP here, as it is compatible with all major web platforms. Also, it can be effortlessly integrated into any database and leading servers.

Hence, your web developers can use PHP to develop cross-platform applications that enable businesses to improve their infrastructure. Also, it takes less cost for building a website and increases ROIs.


If you require a niche-specific solution with more customized features for an E-commerce site, such as order processing, marketing platforms, or CMS, you may need help from many third-party services. WordPress has a lot of choices in that case.

However, the PHP framework offers a broader scope for customizing specific features. You can opt for custom PHP development to achieve concrete solutions.


In the end, all businesses and individuals strive for growth, conversions, ROIs, and expansion in return for their website. We can conclude based on the above points that WordPress is a proper choice if you have a small or medium scale business or own a website for personal needs.

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For a large-scale business’s web portals, PHP has always proved to be helpful. You may need to hire technicals and put your best foot forward and budget to develop a PHP framework website. However, a best-developed website with PHP can be worth that price.

Therefore, find out your requirements before building a website and make the best use of WordPress or PHP accordingly.

Author's Bio

Tom Hardy is a Sr. PHP Developer in Sparx IT Solutions. He has 8 years of experience in providing his services in IT companies. He has an interest in exploring and writing about new technology. His enthusiasm in writing took him towards blogging and write for us.


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