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Piso WiFi - What is it and How It Works?

    If you're like most people, you rely on your smartphone or laptop to stay connected to the internet. But what happens when you're out and about, and there's no wireless signal? That's where Piso WiFi comes in. Piso WiFi is a pocket-sized device that creates its private wireless network, so you can stay connected even when there's no signal available. Keep reading to learn more about how Piso WiFi works and find out if it's the right solution for you.

    Wireless internet is generally pretty reliable and can make your life easier.

    But how does the wireless internet work? We will be looking at: What is Piso WiFi, why wireless networking uses microwave signals, and what this means for you as a user.

    Piso WiFi

    Piso WiFi is an alternative to traditional wired networks because it doesn't require Ethernet cables. The demand for Ethernet ports has decreased due to more devices being compatible with wifi, such as mobile phones, tablets, TVs, etc. This means that wifi has become more affordable for everyone since it has become more widely used.

    Another reason why wifi has become so popular is people's desire for mobility anywhere they go. We also need fast internet connections for things like streaming, gaming, etc.

    Since wifi has become more affordable and useful to the general public, it has also opened up new fields of research. Researchers are constantly looking for ways to improve our wifi networks. For example, they have found that using multiple routers together in one place can increase the signal strength.

    This is called mesh networking.

    Let's break this down further.

    First off. What is Piso WiFi?

    Piso WiFi is a wireless internet service provider, which means your wifi connection runs through their router being sent wirelessly through radio waves around your house or office. You are charged on how much data you use per month rather than hourly. This way you only pay when you need to use the internet.

    How does this work?

    Your router is a separate device from your modem in traditional wired wifi. In Piso WiFi, your router and modem are combined into one single unit called a gateway. This way, installation becomes much easier because there is no need to install a separate router for wifi access. You just have to plug the gateway in, and everything else works wirelessly.

    So why do we use microwave signals?

    Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that fall between infrared radiation and radio waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. Wifi routers emit small bursts of energy that broadcast information using these microwaves. They then bounce off walls, which re-emit the signal throughout the area covered by your network. This way, the signal is in one spot and all around you.

    This can be useful in some ways since microwaves are typically used for communication purposes (phones, radios, etc.). However, what does this mean for our wifi networks?

    Think about it like this.

    Imagine having to send information through thousands of people who live in your area that otherwise may not want the information or even know how to communicate with each other effectively. That's exactly what happens when you're using wifi. Think about the number of people using wifi at any given time across large cities and even smaller towns. All these signals overlap, causing a "traffic jam" on the internet waves. Additionally, because everyone's router emits a slightly different signal, the information sent gets jumbled up. This means that many of your messages are not successful or are incomplete.

    This is called packet loss, and it is a huge problem for home wifi networks since they can't use repeaters to boost their signal like mobile phone towers. This makes it almost impossible to have reliable internet with wireless even for just one person using it at once.

    When you start thinking about this in terms of thousands of people using the same channel on the same frequency - each trying to send their important message- things get pretty crowded out there. Our interference problems occur with how fast our devices are becoming, increasing congestion on our networks.

    The future of Piso WiFi

    New advancements in technology mean that the internet is only getting bigger. We are getting more and more connected with our mobile devices. The future of Piso WiFi is to utilize new technological innovations, making it so that all these different waves can coexist together in harmony. This way, you won't have to worry about congestion or packet loss because your network will be strong enough to communicate effectively through any type of device, no matter how fast they are.

    Piso WiFi is a new wireless internet service provider located in the Philippines. Piso Wifi provides their users with super-fast internet speeds through a broadband connection, allowing them to browse the web and watch videos with the speed that no other providers can provide.

    Significance of Piso WiFi:

    Customer satisfaction is one of the major benefits of using Piso WiFi's services. Their user interface makes it easy for customers to understand how their services work. A quality customer support team stands by, ready to help customers at any time during regular business hours, seven days a week. The company offers competitive pricing on its different packages and flexible payment options that allow for paying monthly or even weekly instead of signing up for an annual contract.

    They aim to become the "Netflix" of Internet Service Providers, offering users a wide range of movies and TV shows to watch on-demand. They also plan to expand their services into the gaming market to provide more entertainment options for their customers - all at super-fast speeds.

    Piso Wifi is currently giving out promotional offers which allow new customers to get an extra three months added onto their contract for free. The company is also currently giving away two Roku streaming devices for absolutely FREE when purchasing any package worth P5000 or higher per month.

    While they are still relatively new in the Philippines, Piso WiFi has already become very popular due to its cheap internet packages and the extremely high speed it provides its customers with. This time around, broadband service providers have something else to be afraid of.

    What are the Benefits of Piso WiFi?

    The benefits of Piso WiFi include:

    • The company provides its users with extremely high speeds
    • Its user interface makes it easy for customers to understand how their services work, along with having a quality customer support team standing by at all times
    • Offers competitive pricing on packages and flexible payment options which allow for weekly or even monthly payments instead of signing up for an annual contract
    • Plans to expand into the gaming market to provide more entertainment options for its customers - all at super-fast speeds
    • Current promotion allows extra 3 free months added onto their contracts upon signup, plus 2 Roku devices upon purchase of a package worth P5000 or higher per month.
    • Piso WiFi provides its users with a variety of benefits to make their internet experience better and more enjoyable.


    Piso WiFi is a company that offers wireless internet service. They offer both business and residential packages, as well as monthly or yearly rates to cover your needs. If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of using their services, check out our blog for a list of reasons why Piso WiFi can be beneficial for your home or office!

    Author Bio - 

    Jyoti Yadav

    Jyoti Yadav is a Digital Marketing Manager and loves to write a blog at Athmin Technologies and is a total health fanatic. Her love for health and well-being fuels her creative spirit and allows her to stay mindful and productive. She loves traveling and having a tattoo. When she’s not working, you can find her on Instagram.

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