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Ways to Save Time and Money on Academic Transcription

One of the basic rules of being a student is taking notes during lectures, group discussions, and other learning scenarios. However, this is also the most challenging part of being a student. Taking notes can take your focus away from the lecture and participate in discussions among other learning and social activities. Academic transcription can help you be present and learn better. Academic transcription allows students to record lessons and discussions then transcribe them into written manuscripts later. Educators also use academic or education transcription to record their lessons, prepare classes, simplify grading, and provide efficient teaching materials.

Academic Transcription

Academic transcription can take a lot of time. This is because of the wide range of academic content. For instance, a lecture can last up to an hour. Transcribing an hour’s worth of audio content can be time-consuming. Therefore, students and educators often opt for professional transcription services. However, the best and most accurate professional education transcription service can be expensive. Below are some ways to can get academic transcription without spending too much time and money;

Pay attention to the quality of your recordings

One of the reasons academic transcription takes a lot of time is the poor recording quality. When the recording quality is poor, it takes plenty of time to understand its contents and transcribe it. Therefore, the more time transcribers take trying to understand the contents of the recording, the more money you will pay them. Therefore, whether you plan to transcribe by yourself or hire professional transcription services, focusing on the quality of the recordings would come in handy. You can ensure high-quality recordings by;

  • Considering the environment where you conduct interviews, research, and academic discussions
  • Keep your recorder or microphone closer to the speaker
  • Performing test recordings before the class, interview, research, or discussion
  • Acquiring high-quality recording products or using good recording apps

Do not do it yourself

The easiest way to save time on transcription is not to do it yourself. Hiring a professional will take the stress away so you can focus your time on other important things. An experience will help you create your manual transcripts faster than you would by yourself. This is because of their experience and faster typing speed. They will also ensure that no mistakes are made to get the most accurate transcriptions. The level of accuracy transcription experts offers beats what you can produce. You can always find affordable transcription services for your academic transcription, so you do not spend a lot of money.

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Go for transcription companies over freelance transcribers

You may be tempted to go for freelance transcribers because they offer cheaper services. However, since they work alone, freelance transcribers can get overwhelmed. This may lead to delayed returns, low-quality transcriptions, and reduced accuracy. In the end, you may end up paying more money for faster delivery or getting the work redone. Therefore, hiring a transcription company is a better option. With an experienced education transcription company, you can count on timely deliveries. They also offer more accuracy because they hire experienced staff and proofreaders. Therefore, hiring a transcription company will help you save time and money.

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Convert videos into audios

You can save time and money on education transcription by converting videos into audio if you have video content. Doing this will give transcribers an easier time. The internet features numerous conversion tools you can use to convert your videos into audio. Most of these tools are free and easy to use. Therefore, you will not require professional assistance or tools.

Confirming the turnaround time and transcript format beforehand

If you choose to work with professional transcribers, clear communication can help you save time and money. You should confirm the turnaround time and format beforehand, so you do not have to go back and forth. It would be wise to avoid vagueness at all costs.

Create separate recordings

It would also be wise to create separate recordings. For instance, you can record your classes separate from your interviews and group discussions. This way, transcribers have an easier time creating organized manuscripts. Saving and labeling them clearly can also come in handy.


In a nutshell, the trick to saving time and money on academic transcription is to hire a professional academic transcription service. You can go through numerous options to find affordable service providers with a fast turnaround time.

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