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4 Tips for Helping Students Maximise Their Online Learning Opportunities

It has been a long and harrowing two years since the pandemic first began taking root in Western countries. Although it was already at epidemic proportions in Wuhan, the virus had just begun making its presence known in the UK somewhere in late February to early March of 2020. Sadly, it didn’t take long to affect life on all levels and perhaps the ones who felt it the most were our children.

Online Learning

There were school closures across the board all the way from primary years to graduate levels in universities which precipitated a swift transition to online learning. Distance learning in colleges and universities was already an established path but for secondary and sixth form students, the trials had just begun.

1. Continue Using Online Resources During Transition and Beyond

Now, as restrictions are lifted, and students are returning to classrooms, parents and educators are helping students to continue drawing upon those online learning opportunities as they transition back to classrooms. If there is one ‘good’ thing that came out of that nasty, microscopic, spiked beast, SARS-CoV-2, it would be a wide awakening of the advantages online learning tools could offer students not yet of college age.

Instead of stressing over tiresome hardcopy prep guides, students can now skip the paper books and prep online. Resources available online run the spectrum from study guides to practice tests to videos that will help them pass qualifications at every level.

2. Encourage Videoconferencing Collaboration

Secondary and sixth form students are often assigned group projects but sometimes collaboration becomes a bit difficult. Unless ample time isn’t scheduled during the school day, some students are unable to meet with their groups due to issues with transportation and adult supervision.

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One of the advantages of taking classes online was the availability of videoconferencing platforms for student collaboration in group projects. This can be nicely carried forward long after restrictions are lifted and can be used as extra time spent collaborating with fellow students on those projects.

3. Utilise a Global Library of Reference Materials

Even though computer technology has been utilised in schools for several decades now, not all teachers taught their students how to access reference materials online. Having no other alternative during school closures, a greater number of students learned how to search for books and other media they needed.

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Being able to navigate the internet to locate digital books and other types of media puts students at an advantage. They are no longer dependent on school and community libraries so they will be better informed and better equipped to do well on those dreaded level examinations.

4. Maintain a Regular Study Schedule

One last tip on helping students maximise their online learning opportunities is in regard to a structured study schedule. Parents can help their children establish and maintain a regularly scheduled study time online. A structured homework schedule has always been important but the pandemic gave us newer, hi-tech ways of getting that homework done.

Additionally, by maintaining a scheduled time to be online, students can be available to classmates working on the same projects or preparing for the same examinations. It’s easier to be found if they know when and where you will be! It also eliminates the need to find transportation to carry students back and forth to after school study groups.

Keep This in Mind

Schools may be open again but those online learning opportunities should not be left behind. With fewer vacancies at independent schools throughout all of the UK, the competition got that much greater. Do you want your children to secure one of those vacancies? If so, help them maximize any and all online learning opportunities available to them. In short, those opportunities are the keys to success.

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