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Want to Work in Tech? Top 3 Job Interview Tips

Most of us believe that a tech job interview is all about passing an oral interview and a practical test. Well, that is not all. Grabbing your dream job is not only showcasing a perfect portfolio or innovative resume but is also presenting yourself in the most impactful way in your interview. Keeping this in mind, here are the top three tips to follow to grab a new tech job:

Interview Tips

Know and Be Like the Interviewer

No! Here, the interviewer is not a single person; it is the full interview panel, the interview environment, and the company. A few companies go for casual interviews over a coffee table asking you to showcase your portfolio, while others have a formal process asking for a sample task to perform.

To prepare accordingly and feel confident, it is essential to know about the process. Some companies use assessment tests that you need to be aware for. The best example of this is the Dollar Tree application process. With that said, you can ask the company a few questions such as where to meet, whom to meet, and what kind of tests will I give. However, do not ask too many questions and respect the interviewers’ time.

Next, avoid wearing a suit as that is likely to be the formal attire of the would-be CFO. There are hardly any companies where techies wear suits. So, if you do wear one, it is likely to make you feel like an odd man out. This is contrary to your goal of convincing the panel that you are the best fit for what they are looking for.

Act Like a Soft Techie

No! This does not mean that you speak softly, although it does not mean that you speak loudly or harshly. What it means is that you should showcase your soft skills as well, along with your tech skills. Soft skills are indispensable no matter what your job is. Your imminent boss needs to ensure that you can interact well with everyone.

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So, during the interview, be polite, responsive, honest, and natural. Several interviewees are justifiably anxious and reflect a more unyielding personality. Do not be like that! Be what you are; you have your own personality.

Ask and Share

Never say “No” whenever the interviewer says, “Do you have any questions?” Saying so means that you are less interested or have no clue about the offer. An interviewer is more likely to hire you if you ask smart questions about relevant things rather than someone who simply asks how was the day today.

Consider using this opportunity to show your interest in the company or reflect something you wish the interviewer to know. At least, you can show your interest!

Similarly, always share your opinions, interests, and experiences when asked about technical topics. Remember, you are with like-minded people, due to which they are more interested in discussing mutually appealing topics. So, go ahead! Do not hesitate!


A tech interview needs not be nerve-wracking. An interviewer wants it to succeed just as you do. With some cool tips as those shared here, you can make it!

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