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Tips On How To Build a Sender Reputation Due To Folderly

An effective email marketing campaign involves creating engaging content whose aim is to attract new customers and hold their attention over time. But that is only the kick-off. The other essential step of the marketing campaign is to ensure that your messages land properly which you can do by means of email delivery test. That is proven to be crucial to your sender's reputation. If your reputation concerns you, consider Folderly which is a multi-purpose platform to boost your email performance.

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How does Email Delivery Test Effect a Sender Reputation in Terms of Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the widespread techniques which are applied to advance your goods and services on the internet. If you also benefit from email providers, it indicates that you don’t waste the chance to communicate with your customers and prospects and to reinforce your thorough marketing strategy.

You need to be certain that you are using your messages to the fullest extent, and they reach the necessary recipients. If you are not sure, it’s possible that you have a problem with your sender reputation. Your messages don’t land in the inboxes of your customers if your reputation is poor. It may cause harmful consequences to your business. One of the actions is to apply various email deliverability testing tools which are provided by Folderly. Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins and can offer a turnkey solution for the marketing campaign. Running an email delivery test is a necessary part of any successful email marketing campaign.

What does a sender reputation mean and what is the purpose of email cleansing software?

An email sender score is an indicator which is used to estimate and record the reputation of a specific email sender. This reputation is connected with the IP address of the sender. This metric is applied by email providers to detect spammers and minimize the number of spam claims. Spam testers are often applied.

The IP reputation may be determined by means of the following elements:

  • capacity of contacts;
  • value of content:
  • level of engagement of previous messages sent by the same IP.

Email providers assess these factors and make a decision on whether you are a trustworthy sender and your messages will land properly. Email cleansing software is beneficial in such cases as the result of an email deliverability checks can influence the sender reputation and vice versa. A bad reputation score implies low rates of email deliverability and a great number of unsubscribes and therefore loss of customers and income. Running an email spam check is an essential part of email marketing.

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The ways to estimate the IP Sender Reputation

The IP reputation needs to be checked not to harm your score accidentally even without being aware of it. Even if you are sure that your messages are lawful, it’s better to take advantage of the following tools to verify your reputation on a regular basis:

  • Sender Score by Return Path. Return Path is considered to be paramount in the email deliverability area. The company has established its credibility since 1999. It provides businesses with a free-of-charge tool which allows them to measure the reputation rate easily. The procedure includes going to and pasting your IP address in a gap. Then your IP will be analyzed and you will get the sender score from 0 to 100, while 0 is the worst result. It’s a good possibility to get tips on how to ameliorate your reputation if necessary.
  • Talos IP and Domain Reputation Center by Cisco. One doesn’t need to pay for it. It’s necessary to go to, the procedure is the same. But pay attention that the result is presented in three categories – good, neutral and poor. It’s a good chance to look through extra data connected with the IP you possess.
  • Postmaster Tools by Google. Google is regarded as a reliable provider of innovative tools for businesses. One can check the domain for spam score and make the sender reputation better with its aid. Take into account that Gmail is preferable by a lot of brands and Postmaster Tool was created to examine email performance and the landing of the messages in terms of Gmail.
  • Barracuda Reputation System. The Barracuda Central Reputation Clock List operates in a similar way as the previous services. It has been applied by experts in email marketing across the globe since 2008.

There are other available tools that are useful for measuring sender reputation and can be applied as spam testers. But the mentioned ones are considered to be more reliable than others and time-tested.

Mistakes that should be avoided to earn a good sender reputation

After verifying the IP address, you may acknowledge some issues with your reputation. It’s natural to try to detect your mistakes and find a solution to succeed in the marketing campaign. Don’t neglect services which test email delivery to make sure that your messages go to your recipient properly.

Let’s deal with mistakes that are likely to damage your reputation as an email sender:

  • Don’t get off-the-shell email rosters. They can save time but they are likely to tarnish your sender's reputation. If you send a message to people from the list, there is a high probability they won’t be interested in it and the message will be identified as spam. Each spam complaint means your unreliability for customers. It causes a poor reputation score.
  • Get rid of misspelled and invalid emails as the messages will bounce back to you. You are required to check the accuracy of your contacts by using a trustworthy email delivery test or a double opt-in authorization for new subscribers.
  • Consider the quality of your content. Poor content is one of the reasons to complain and, therefore, poor reputation.
  • Don’t keep spam traps on your roster. These traps tend to make you get blacklisted.
  • Keep your roster clean. Outdated data and multiple email addresses may cause low IP reputation rates and the messages are likely to bounce back.
  • Be consistent. The frequency of your messages is as significant as your content. It’s better to have a schedule of your mailing.

Final thoughts

A good sender reputation is crucially important in any email marketing campaign. A good marketer constantly monitors the reputation rate. Its neglect can lead to a range of problems your business may face. All your efforts will go to waste as the messages don’t land in a recipient’s box properly. Avoiding the mentioned mistakes and applying the tools which check IP reputation will make your marketing campaigns more efficient.

If you require more help, you are welcome to Folderly which is the top tool for email marketing and can correct the email deliverability and ameliorate the sender's reputation. Be sure that you will access qualified assistance.

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