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Google Pacman - A Popular Game, Steps to Play Google Pacman Game

Are you like to play video games? If yes, then Pacman is the best and most interesting game for you to play. Nowadays, many kids love to play these games due to the game contains ghost characters. Pac-Man is a remarkable testament to video games impact on a generation of players, as one of the most instantly identifiable titles ever published. The Pacman is a popular game, and many kids like to play this game. It made quite an impression for a game that revolves around a yellow ball eating and avoiding ghosts. This game was created by a young video game creator based on a pop culture figure. This game is designed for the kids, so when they play this game, they enjoy this, and here you can see the steps to play google Pacman game:

Google Pacman

How the Game Works

  • Like most arcade games Pac-Man was designed to be played with a joystick or keyboard arrows on a PC.
  • The game's objective is to maneuver Pacman's character around the screen to absorb all of the 240 dots.
  • Players must modify the path of Pacman, who is always moving, to attain this goal.
  • Blinky (red), Pinky (pink), Inky (light blue), and Clyde are the four ghosts (all of them have their names) (Orange).
  • While you may think of ghosts as AI that follows you about, you might be startled to learn that each of these four has its attack strategy.
  • The ghosts will always be in one of three states such as chase, scatter or terrified.
  • However, in the heat of the moment, such information will feel like bait because you can never tell what strategy a ghost is employing.
  • Nonetheless, according to some Pac-man fans, each ghost has some characteristics. Check them out as you get ready to celebrate Pacman's 30th anniversary.
  • Blinky (red): Also known as Shadow, he prefers to trail Pac-Man, but if you have eaten a lot of dots, it switches to cruising at Pac-speed Man's and even quicker.
  • Pinky (pink): It moves in Pac-direction Man but does not follow immediately. Instead, it will move around the closest walls, catching you off guard and dispatching him.
  • Inky (light blue): Inky may be the most hazardous of all the ghosts. Its tactic is a mash-up of all the other spirits, making it incredibly dangerous.

How to Play Pacman in your Google browser

The integration of the whole Pacman game to the Google Doodle feature on the Pacman has to be one of the more unique Easter eggs. To see the Google Doodle today, you have to open your Google Chrome browser and put Pacman into the search bar. After that, click Play to be taken to a beginner level that was never available in the original game. This level allows Google to display its dedication to the doodle's creation.

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The instructions are pretty much the same on mobile, open Chrome on your phone and put Pacman into the search box, where you will also see the PAC-MAN Doodle right at the top of your search results. This is the same doodle from the Pacman, so start playing the first level by tapping Play. Use your arrow keys to control the character on the desktop version, and swipe motions on the mobile version.


  • You will only have three lives, plus a bonus life worth 10,000 points.
  • After 255 levels, the true challenge begins.
  • The ghosts can be defeated using the power pallets located in the maze's four corners.
  • The ghosts are also eatable with the power pallet, albeit the time to eat the ghost decreases over time.

Summing up

As a result, the above listed are about the Steps to Play Google Pacman Game, if you follow these steps, you can easily play this game and reach the top level. It includes a user-friendly interface, welcoming graphics, bright and entertaining characters. That sounds like a great time.

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