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5 Performance Testing Tools to Help You in 2022

Developers are always looking to improve the performance of their applications, and they're constantly being pressured to deliver more with less resources and less time. Performance testing plays an important role in ensuring that applications perform well before going live to users or customers. The number of available tools and services has grown tremendously over the past several years, so it can be difficult and challenging to know which tools are suitable for your organization, especially since new devices continue to enter the market. In this article, we'll look at 05 new performance testing tools expected to come on the market in 2022 and what benefits you can expect from each one.

5 Performance Testing Tools


TestGrid is an automated performance testing tool that provides customers with a fast, easy way to evaluate how their application will perform under heavy traffic. By leveraging a single URL and adjusting queue depth, customers can run thousands of tests per day without writing any code.

TestGrid helps you to monitor, test, and automate performance faster and more accurately.

Optimize your mobile and internet applications in the pre-production and production phases using REAL devices and easily understood - helpful analytics.

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  • Only tool that you need to test across all platforms, including desktop, mobile, customized hardware, and IoT.
  • You can gain a substantial competitive advantage through a global reach by leveraging the power of automation Testing.
  • It is easy to test the app's performance with TestOS. It is built around a customized, robust strategy.
  • When you conduct performance testing, You can ensure that your app can provide the same results despite being upgraded or undergoing changes in its functions.


BrowserStack provides a cloud-based, cross-browser testing environment that enables users to access real mobile and desktop browsers on real devices.

It's not hard to see why BrowserStack is one of the fastest-growing performance testing tools. In today's mobile and responsive design age, real devices are essential for adequately testing how a website will perform across various platforms.

And don't worry about accessing secure or encrypted sites with BrowserStack; you can use it on any browser – both in private and shared sessions. Just make sure you have a fast connection before spinning up all those browsers!


  • Check your app's CPU usage for excessive or sudden use.
  • Comparing system memory and available memory on the system and the memory used by your application.
  • Monitor the temperature of your device and the percentage of battery charge to ensure that apps use the right amount of battery power and nothing more.
  • Verify the bandwidth consumption in runtime and idle time. Get maximum efficiency by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in your bandwidth.


Kobiton provides a variety of access to real devices. These include a public cloud as well as a private cloud and on-premises. Through Kobiton's Performance Testing capabilities, users can combine real-time testing of devices with the Load or Stress Testing solutions.

It can be accomplished manually, using automation through script-based applications like Appium or Kobiton's scriptless engine that AI powers. Kobiton offers an application platform that allows the analysis of the performance of your device and app, which easily integrates with solutions such as NeoLoad and JMeter.


  • Kobiton's device lab management system will let you connect to devices on the cloud, on-premises local devices, and on-desk devices.
  • Create test scripts that are automated from manual tests. They can be capable of being executed on multiple devices at once.
  • Users can evaluate the website and app performance using Kobiton's Payload capture.
  • Automated test case generation from the manual session


HeadSpin lets you enhance your digital experience by using its capabilities for performance testing. It allows users to constantly monitor, detect problems, and fix and improve performance issues across different devices, applications, networks, and third-party interfaces.

The HeadSpin Global Device Infrastructure provides real-time data, eliminating confusion between the other instruments, networks, and locations.

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HeadSpin is the most advanced market with the highest performance testing capabilities for its customers. Users can enhance their online experience by using the capabilities for performance testing of HeadSpin Platform by identifying and fixing performance issues across apps, devices, and networks.


  • Improve performance and monitor throughout all phases of the user experience
  • Performance data based on real-world situations
  • Please use the latest AI capabilities to detect issues with testing performance before they affect users.
  • Test thousands of real devices across a variety of locations using SIM cards.

Sauce lab

One of the top testing tools you need to know about is Sauce Labs, an automated cloud-based platform for developers. This tool is a performance testing automation engine designed for test-driven development (TDD).

It comes with built-in support for all major browsers and supports both parallelizations of tests via cloud computing and distributed testing scenarios.

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Salsify Performance allows developer and QA organizations to capture and address performance regressions and even improve your overall customer experience. Start by capturing meaningful front-end performance metrics early in the development cycle, before release.


  • Perform performance tests efficiently with Source lab's CLI tool. It is quick to compare the performance of applications against baselines.
  • Record the performance metrics of an application and then automatically identify the true causes of regressions.
  • Know your end-user experience by collecting measures like Time to First Meaningful Paint, Time to First Interactive, Page Weight, Speed Index, etc.
  • Utilize the trace information and film strips as the ultimate debugging record to determine the reason for performance issues.


The top tools for performance testing are listed above. When choosing the right tool, you have to consider a variety of factors.

It includes support for protocols as well as the cost of licensing. Also, look at the supplier's consent. It's best if you also consider the cost of training your employees.

There isn't an all-inclusive solution when it comes down to the best performance testing software. If you are looking for the ideal tools for testing performance for your company, you should review each option thoroughly and pick the one that best suits your requirements best.

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