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How to Use Project Planning Tools for Beginners?

There is a common misconception that project planning software and project planning tools are for office environment. This notion is false, because anything can be a project if it involves a high level of planning. Where there are different, separate factors working together towards a common outcome, then it is important to plan effectively to attain maximum results. You will eventually have to start somewhere, and it is always best to move from a simplified understanding to a more complicated one. This article provides a simplified overview of project planning software and tools for beginners.

Project Planning Tools

Choosing the Right Project Management Software

Choosing a good software sometimes requires some basic IT skills, and though most people may claim to be great with computers, they cannot tell one software apart from another. Yes, the user interface may seem different but what’s most important is what the software does. A good project management tool is one that combines several features such as project planning, scheduling, monitoring and even project financing within the same platform. This task is not easy and many software simply fail to deliver on all these aspects. However, the best software for beginners should at least prioritize on task scheduling and monitoring.

There are some commercial project management and project planning software that out-do the rest. These are:


Paymo is a great project management tool for beginners as it allows you to switch between different projects and your various clients seamlessly. You can have different accounts and in each account, have different running projects. Paymo also allows you to bill your clients whilst also holding the running project tasks in an easy way. Most business startups prefer Paymo for its ease of use and organization. Venture Capitalists love the idea of startups using Paymo for all their project planning and project management tasks.

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Sometimes, all you are looking for is a platform to organize projects and tasks without turning the entire aspect of project planning into a job on its own. For this, Hitask, comes in handy as it takes you through the core events and tasks in an easy to understand way. The secret is in its unique dashboard that allows file sharing and tracking while still prioritizing on the bigger picture.


Sometimes you might need a simplified project planning tool and not some complicated project management software or project management tool. Of course project management will require a lot more resources, but if you are simply interested in project planning, then the right fit for you is Scoro. Scoro, seamlessly combines the complicated tasks of managing clients, projects, events and tasks intone real-time platform.

Other tools you can check out are Freedcamp and Mavenlink which also prioritize project planning by using Gantt Charts and task lists. These tools allow you to create various subtasks to make your planning easier.

Project Management tools should not always sound so sophisticated because eventually they should serve you by making your tasks easier and eventually the best project management tools offer more insight once you begin to use them.

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