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5 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

    Salespeople interact with potential customers to grow business operations. It’s quite challenging to do this job without active leads. The sales funnel must be filled with active leads at frequent intervals.

    The marketing department within an organization is usually responsible for generating solid leads. Sometimes, sales reps might generate leads and pursue them to discover long-term customers.

    Some marketers make a video online, while some publish detailed blogs to generate leads. There are many ways to do so, and you might not have the time to try them all. Let's discuss the 5 best digital marketing strategies that can help with successful lead generation.

    Digital Marketing

    Detailed and High-Quality Blogs

    Blogs will fill your sales pipeline with authentic leads. They have been the backbone of lead generation for many years.

    In today’s era, content is king & customers prefer to learn more information on the internet before making a purchase. Brands thus educate customers via their blogs.

    To educate consumers, brands might share blogs that aren’t meant to boost sales. For example, an e-commerce brand might share blogs that teach consumers how to save money while shopping. Through the blog, the e-commerce company educates readers and builds relationships with them.

    Blog topics must be decided based on the target audience. Some companies prefer to have many readers and only a handful of consumers. Some brands might prefer having readers who are their consumers.

    When readers engage with your blogs, you will also learn more about them. For example, readers might share your blog on different social media sites, while some might comment on your blogs. As readers engage with your blogs, your sales funnel is filled with active leads.

    Marketing and Educational Videos

    Blogs are good, but videos are even better for generating leads. In today’s era, consumers prefer videos over any media content. They can remember your brand for many days after watching an engaging video.

    However, creating effective brand videos is no easy task. Every brand invests in video marketing, and there are innumerable videos on the internet. You must stand out from the rest to catch customers' attention.

    Videos that are completely inclined toward sales might not attract viewers. Marketers must thus try to build a connection with the target audience via their videos. So, they must share informative videos with the audience that has nothing to do with sales.

    Brands should also share videos consistently on digital channels to generate active leads. A brand can share informative videos on its website, social media, and chatrooms.

    After watching a video, the viewer might or might not convert. By adding CTAs to your brand videos, you can allow viewers to take action.

    As viewers watch, share, and like your brand video, your sales funnel will be updated. People who watch your videos are typically interested in your brand. Sales reps can persuade such individuals to become long-term customers.

    Brands should try sharing different video types, like explainer videos, product demonstrations, testimonials, and animation videos.

    To make a video online quickly, brands can rely on video editors. These kinds of tools and cloud provider software applications these days can help marketers create high-quality videos with special effects and other features to catch viewers’ attention over the Internet only. Plus, the pre-existing video templates will make the job easier.

    Focus on Audio Content

    After videos and blogs, audio content is most popular among consumers.

    In the past few years, the craze for podcasts has rejuvenated. Further, some consumers might prefer listening to audiobooks in this era of videos.

    As a brand, you cannot ignore the target audience that prefers audio content. Podcasts and audiobooks can help a brand engage with existing customers on a deeper level.

    As people download your audiobooks, you will be getting more active leads. Not everyone listening to your audio content might be an active lead, though.

    This is the case with all types of media content. Not all people watching your brand videos will end up purchasing your products. So, you can do your best to get creative and talk about exciting things via brand podcasts.

    Did you know that podcasts are also a great way to repurpose blogs? A brand might have a few podcasts/blogs that are well-liked among the audience. They can convert the audio content into a blog or vice versa to cover the audience that does not listen to audio content or read blogs.

    Marketers can also distribute audio versions of their popular blogs to consumers. Consumers can listen to their favorite topics wherever they go.

    Distribute eBooks

    Usually, readers on the internet prefer short blogs with pointers, images, and infographics. Some might prefer to gain in-depth knowledge about a service or industry. For such readers, brands can think of publishing eBooks.

    For example, a CA firm can publish eBooks related to best accounting and taxation practices for corporate entities. Different corporate entities might use eBooks to educate their employees. As a result, they might end up outsourcing their taxation and accounting departments to the respective CA firm.

    Brands can include CTAs in their videos and blogs to encourage customers to download eBooks. As readers download and share branded eBooks, the company will have access to new leads.

    Sales reps know that consumers that have completed the eBooks are more interested in the particular service or industry. Such readers are more likely to convert to long-term consumers for the brand.

    Host Webinars

    Companies have been hosting physical events and seminars for many years. During the COVID pandemic, brands failed to host physical events. So, amidst this situation, the popularity of webinars increased significantly.

    Brands can connect with consumers from different jurisdictions by hosting free webinars. When someone joins your seminar, you can ask them to provide their name, email address, and mobile number.

    If they are interested in your brand, they will not hesitate to provide the details. Sales reps can use the viewer details as leads.


    Effective digital marketing strategies will keep your sales funnel updated with active leads all year round. Brands must thus have detailed follow-up plans, so sales reps can use them to convert leads into customers. Start focusing on effective lead generation now!

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