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How to Organize Podcast Shows for Your Business

    Understanding how to organize podcast shows is becoming a quick way to put your business in the limelight. And you know what?

    Starting a corporate podcast is pretty straightforward. You must also ask yourself why you need a podcast show and list your objectives.

    While recording a podcast seems easy, organizing a podcast show requires proper planning, which is what this article explains.

    What is a podcast show?

    A podcast show is a series of recorded audio episodes featuring one or more hosts discussing a particular topic. Podcast shows are usually prerecorded and like TV or radio shows but available for listeners to subscribe to, listen or download online.

    Podcast Shows

    Since it is primarily audio, it offers convenience for listeners to play regardless of their location and from any device. 
    Firstly, make an excellent choice of podcast network hosting. That explains the increasing popularity of podcast shows for businesses. Asides from convenience, what are the other reasons to organize podcast shows for your business?

    Why do you need a podcast show for your business?

    There are different reasons to organize podcast shows for your business. They increase your authoritative presence in the marketplace, improve brand awareness, generate more web traffic, and could be an additional source of revenue.

    Beyond that, podcast shows are a more convenient means of passing information. Your listeners/subscribers can play the content while driving, in the gym, or carrying out daily routines.

    The potential benefits are many. So, how do you organize one for your business?

    How to organize podcast shows for your business?

    Follow as we discuss simple, fundamental steps to organize a business podcast show. We talk about everything from the planning stage to promoting corporate podcast ideas to target listeners.

    => Plan the episode topics

    The best business podcast shows are often the ones with proper planning. Write out your different podcast content strategies and include everything you plan to discuss in the episode, the objectives, and possible podcast name ideas.

    It helps maintain focus and decide if you want to organize the business show. You also determine what interests your target listeners and check if the topics are what you’d love to discuss and how long you can keep generating ideas on the preferred podcast theme.

    => Conclude on podcasting style

    Podcasting style includes the podcast shows' format, length, and frequency. You could have the best corporate podcast ideas but implementing an unmatching podcast style kills the idea.

    Starting with the podcasting format, decide if the episodes will be solo shows, co-hosted ones, or interview styles. An interview style is excellent if you invite an industry expert.

    While there is no defined standard for episode length, avoid unnecessarily long and tedious shows. Say only what is necessary and pick a comfortable release schedule. Once every week is great for building your brand and presence in the industry. Also, consider having some unreleased episodes to avoid the pressure of meeting uploading deadlines.

    => Think about branding

    Your business podcast should reflect the company's values and image. Therefore, branding is essential. Create a professional cover art that listeners see before they click each episode.

    Use legible fonts and high-quality images/logos that depict class and quality. Remember that the cover art is usually like a thumbnail. Keep it simple and distinct. Don’t hesitate to outsource the design if you’re without one.

    => Get the right podcasting equipment

    If you’ve learned how to record a podcast, you’ll agree that the choice of podcasting equipment is important. However, that does not mean you must purchase the most expensive microphones or rent the most expensive recording studios.

    No! There are many budget-friendly microphones out there, and talking about studios? - you can always set up a recording room. Just ensure the absence of echoes, unwanted sound interferences, and disturbance.

    => Record the podcast episodes

    Have you ever tried recording a speech to be played at an event? How did you feel? Did you just press record and start talking?

    The truth is recording a business podcast show is more than just hitting the “record” button and talking. A lot of planning is involved. Write out the essential corporate podcast ideas as a bullet list.

    It helps you stay in line with the focal objective of the episode. Another guide on recording podcast shows is speaking like you’re physically addressing the target listeners. Don’t make it look like a scripted talk, or you’ll lose engagements.

    => Edit the new podcast ideas

    The best podcast content strategy involves understanding that podcast editing is beyond checking for errors. Yes, there might be some misconstrued statements and unnecessary pauses here and there, but editing is more than that.

    You’ve got to check the audio quality and background noises and add the intro and outro using the software. Consider adding some background music but avoid copyright infringement issues.

    => Find an excellent hosting platform

    Applaud yourself if you’ve successfully mastered how to record a podcast show from start to finish. The next challenge arises: how do you get it to your subscribers or listeners?

    That’s the importance of a hosting platform. It is a wrong assumption to think newly recorded podcasts are just uploaded directly to popular directories. That’s not how podcasts work!

    Search and choose from one of the many podcasting hosts like Podbean. A great hosting website makes it easy to upload your audio podcasts, after which you get an RSS feed. It works like a URL, and that’s what streaming directories like iTunes use to publicize your business podcast shows.

    => Launch and promote the podcast

    Here is where the real show begins - expanding your podcast networking reach. We recommend uploading 3 to 5 episodes on the launch day. It increases your visibility on the major directories.

    You should also consider using the business mailing list to announce the launch of your internal communications podcast ideas. In addition, the top podcast hosting platforms also offer analytics to track which episodes are generating views. You get to know what your listeners are eager to hear.

    One more thing, repurpose your content on blogs and social media channels to generate even more traffic.


    Knowing how to organize podcast shows for your business offers immense benefits. It is an excellent way to strengthen the work bond among employees and an engaging approach to interacting with prospects.

    Follow this guide if you’ve decided to start a corporate podcast show. The steps are well outlined to help you plan the corporate podcast ideas from start to finish.

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